Oh Really? Mar 27, ’07 11:43 PM
for Mel ‘s friends and Mel ‘s family

Everyday, after I drop off the kids at school, I drive past this fire station. There isn’t much activity there. Every once in a while they have a bean bake or a pig roast, but so far, no real fireman excitement. No firemen standing outside polishing the fire engines, no firemen having water fights with the big fire hoses, no games of flag football. I have to admit, I secretly hoped there would be some fireman excitement.

But, finally I resigned myself to the realization that southern firemen are just different than Northern firemen. Boo- h000000000! Whaaaaaaa! Sniffle.

Until the other day!!!!! When I drove by, and finally! for the first time since I moved here, something was happening that made me stare.


or this ~

Sexy fireman

or even this ~

Okay, okay. I am just teasing you internets….. I actually could not take a picture while they were standing there, doing, er… what they were doing. I drive by. every. single. day. They might recognize me! I had to make a special incognito trip back to take a picture. Under the cover of……. fog? Morning? Okay, you caught me. It was this morning, and I just happened to have my camera with. Okay. Fine. I took it with on purpose and there just happened to be no one around. Happy?

So, this is the fire station ~

Look closely internets……

and you will see………….

redneck landscaping!!!!!!

Oh really firemen? That is how you roll?

You trim back the plant by setting it ablaze?

Or were you setting a baby practice fire to put out?

Oh, really. Really?


I suppose this is a good way to kick start the excitement around the firehouse.

But I would still rather see you….. er, doing other things.


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