Conversations with Carsten…


Conversations with CL…. Mar 25, ’07 11:07 PM
for Mel ‘s friends and Mel ‘s family
 This morning while getting her dressed………

CL – Mom?

Me – Yes?

CL – When I went to Wal-Mart yesterday I saw a wady.

Me – I am sure there were LOTS of ladies there.

CL – Mmm-hmm. But this wady was actually diffwerent than the other wadies.

Me – Okay?

CL – She had a mustache.

Me – Oh no. You didn’t tell her that did you?

CL – NOOOOOO! But, know what I was thinkin’?

Me – What?

CL – Member that caterpwillar we found on the dwiveway?

Me – Ahhhhh…..

CL – The wadies mustache wooked like that.

Me – (ah? Is this where I am supposed to talk about feelings? So I don’t pass on my lady mustache phobia????)Er…. And…. how did the ladies mustache make you feel?

CL – Scared. 

Me – I understand. But, maybe she can’t help it.  You should at least try not to be afraid of it.

CL – Okay Mommy. Next time I see a wadie with a caterpwillar mustache I will try not to be afraid.

Me – Me too, baby, me too.


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