That time I almost killed my neighbors…


I almost killed my neighbors….. Jun 12, ’07 11:46 PM
for Mel ‘s friends, Mel ‘s family and Mel ‘s online buddies

But, in my defense, I didn’t realize that I was.


The neighbors came over to visit the other day. They are an older couple, even more Yankee than me. I think that THEY think we are kindred yankee spirits or something.


Anyway, they talk A LOT. Even MORE than me! I KNOW! Hard to imagine, isn’t it?But they do, and they talk at the same time, and interrupt each other and even themselves! Every conversation is a rambling jumble of confusion. I need to lay down after they go home…. My mind gets sooooooooooooooo tired.


So, I was walking old lady neighbor (OLN) around the yard, and she saw these plants.Remember when I showed them to you Internets? They remind me of my Mom, because we grew them together in KS.



Well, OLN thought that they were SO PRETTY! I told her that I had more seeds, if she wanted to plant some too, and I gave her a BIG handful, which she played with, passing them back and forth between her hands while she rambled…


So, as they leave (FINALLY) I tell her that if she finds out what kind of plants they are, to let me know. Because she had asked me (several times, in fact) what kind they were, and I did not know (not the first, second or fifth time she asked me.)


Not even 24 hours later, her husband comes screaming down my driveway in his BIG truck and jumps out and hands me a big stack of papers.


And….. ummmm……turns out the plant was a Castor Bean plant, and those seeds are HIGHLY poisonous. And the plants too. It is poisonous to people, to animals, even to INSECTS!


So, this was part of what the papers said:


Perhaps just one milligram of ricin can kill an adult.

The symptoms of human poisoning begin within a few hours of ingestion.

The symptoms are:

      • abdominal pain
      • vomiting
      • diarrhea, sometimes bloody.

Within several days there is:

      • severe dehydration,
      • a decrease in urine,
      • and a decrease in blood pressure.

If death has not occurred in 3-5 days, the victim usually recovers.



OMG. Nice way to way to say Hello! to your new neighbors, eh? Hi! My name is Mel!Have some poisonous seeds! Hope you don’t die!!! Hahahaha!


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