Margarita Monday


Margarita Monday Jun 17, ’07 11:55 PM
for you

Woo-hoo! Two margarita wine coolers and my headache has gone bu-bye! Yay!

As I wrote yesterday, I dropped CJ off at space camp. First we got him settled in his dorm room….


Then, we had some time before orientation to read his handbook for the week, and after that even I was jealous! It looks like he is going to have SO much fun. Today was the centrifuge! Get the urping out of the way straight away! We were lucky enough to find our friend Donna working in the gift shop, and she loved CJ up before camp started.

Meanwhile… the girls have been swimming.


 (hey Brandi! this swimsuit is proof Gracie is NOT selfish! heehee)

My Mom has taught CL something…. every time I say anything even remotely negative to CL she says.. “Don’t be mean to me!!” which is what my Mom says when I say anything even remotely mean to her. Good times. Good times. Nothing a few more margarita wine coolers won’t solve.

Tomorrow is a visit to the Wichita Zoo. Woot!


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