Poor baby

My Poor Wee Baby Sep 28, ’07 11:17 PM
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For the past few weeks Carsten has been going pee A LOT. When I first noticed, I didn’t think much of it, but then it didn’t go away and then her teacher at school and her teacher at dance both asked me about it. Sometimes she was going or trying to go seven times an hour!

So, off to the doctor we went. I was worried, not just that something was wrong with her, but also I was worried because it was her first trip to the doctor for lady part problems. If it was a bad experience, would it set the tone for the rest of her life? Make her have even MORE dread than most girls do about the lady bits doctor?

So, to my relief the nurses and doctor were really nice. We talked for a bit about her problems, and then they said she would need to pee in a cup.

Carsten – Pee in a WHAT?!?!

haha. So, I promise to explain in the bathroom and off we go.

Carsten ~ Oooooo! I think it is coming!

Me ~ Ok!

Carsten ~ WHAT! ARE! YOU! DOING?!?!?

Me ~ I told you. I need to put the cup down there, and you need to fill it.

Carsten ~ This is weird.

Me ~ *Sigh*

Carsten ~ Oooo! It’s coming!! *squeeze-sigh-nothing happens*

Carsten ~ I can’t do it.

Me ~ You don’t have to go?

Carsten ~ I DO. But every time you put the cup up there my peepee get scared!

So, I had to get serious. I tried talking to her pee and asking it nicely to come out. I tried running water. I tried patience, which BTW, is NOT something I am good at. Finally, I decided to demonstrate.Watching me pee made her have to go so badly she practically pushed me off of the toilet. She filled the cup. We wash our hands, walk out the door, and she SCREAMS. SCREEEEAMS. I DID IT! I!!! PEED!!!! IN!!!! A!!!! CUP!!!!!! Everyone in the entire waiting room turned to take a look at us.


Anyway…. ten minutes later it was official. She has a Urinary Tract Infection. Awwww, my poor little baby.

But the whole ordeal must not have been too traumatic for her. She hugged the doctor and high-fived the nurses on the way out of the office.

While paying the co-pay…

Carsten ~ Can we come back to the doctors office again tomorrow?

Me ~ You want to?

Carsten ~ Yes!

Me ~ What if you have to pee in a cup again?!?

Carsten ~ Errrrrrrrrrr. No thanks Mommy. I did a good job, but I don’t want to do it again for a loooooooooooooooooooooooong time.


Me neither Peanut. ME. NEITHER.


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