The Appt

  The Appointment Aug 29, ’07 11:05 PM for Mel ‘s contacts I am back, and after a short rest, it is almost time to leave for swimming and gymnastics. But, before we go I thought I would give you an update on the appointment. It went ok… my doctor agreed that waiting until January … More The Appt


  In Which I Introduce My Grandsnailies! Aug 28, ’07 11:39 PM for Mel ‘s contacts Thanks again to everyone that sent well wishes and encouragement yesterday… all of you are very sweet and too, too kind to me! I am feeling a wee bit better today, and doing my best to get around and … More Babies


My Major Malfunction Aug 27, ’07 11:45 PM for Mel ‘s contacts  I haven’t talked about this subject here for a long time. For those of you who are recent additions to my friends list, you may not know that my disease was the main reason I started blogging. I had rough time a few … More Blah


GAH!!!!!!!!!! Aug 23, ’07 11:12 PM for Mel ‘s contacts  Did you NOTICE that I haven’t been online much today? DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY? That is WHY!!!!!!!!! I was minding my OWN business this morning… I logged in and was ready to do some commenting when…… (imagine scary music here) a FURRY spider … More GAH!

10 TT

Ten Thought Thursday Aug 22, ’07 11:16 PM for Mel ‘s contacts 1. Never go grocery shopping when you are hungry. The little grocery bagger man audibly GROANED when he saw he was gonna have to pack my two carts full of groceries into a teeny VW bug. He actually said to me, “And EXACTLY HOW MANY people are … More 10 TT

Dear Chihuahua

Dear Chihuahua… (or Happy Hump Day!) Aug 14, ’07 11:19 PM for Mel ‘s contacts  Dear Chihuahua,   You are a wee tiny dog. I try to remind myself that wee tiny dogs have wee tiny brains. But, errrrrrrrr, tiny brain or no, something around here needs to change.   And it isn’t the cat litter situation, … More Dear Chihuahua


Emergency Channel Change Required!! Aug 8, ’07 11:10 PM for Mel ‘s contacts  Last night my sister Cara walked into Cody’s room to see what he was doing. He had stayed up a little late, to watch a special show on the Discovery Channel, and the show had just ended. Cody had flipped thru the … More Emergency!!


 was HOT as H*LL here today! Aug 7, ’07 11:58 PM for Mel ‘s contacts So, we decided to go to a state park about 25 mins away… that I had heard had a nice beach. And it did! Woot! It was over 100 degrees by the time we got there at noon, and the … More HOTT!