As the Pond Turns…

As the Pond Turns…. Aug 20, ’07 11:34 PM
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GUESS WHAT INTERNETS?!?!?!?!I am going be a SNAIL Grandma again! The other day I noticed a KABILLION eggs all over the tiny aquarium! (the one that sits on my desk) Soooooooo, I transferred them all to a new aquarium, so they didn’t become appetizers for the frogs! It was a delicate situation! Because the eggs are all clear (like water) and VERY slippery! It was like playing OPERATION! except instead of using a tweezer to remove plastic parts from a scantily dressed dude, I used a spoon to remove slimy eggs from water! I think that means I am officially a snail breeder and whatnot! WOOT!

Also? I finally got a pond vacuum! (That’s not me or my pond, btw, but I haven’t had anyone take a picture of ME vacuuming MY pond. YET!)

And? I really owe The Muck Vac a HUGE apology! I was all doubtful and negative after I ordered it. Thinking it was gonna be ANOTHER waste of money and a HUGE headache to operate, like my first GUNK-SUCKER-OUTTER I bought for the pond. But, WOOT! It is SUPER easy! And it totally sucks all the gunk out! Now I find myself standing there HOPING the fish will get nasty and poop so I can use the vacuum again! I have vacuumed the pond four times in the last week! That is more than I have vacuumed my house!!!!!!!

Lookey! So pretty my pond! YAY ME!

The fish pond My fish

Does anyone care? Probably not! But I am still excited!!!!


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