Monday, Monday Sep 30, ’07 11:41 PM for Mel ‘s contacts Why does there have to be teacher inservice? Somebody please tell me why. The children are driving me nuts today. Cody is grounded, so he is moping around, whining about boredom. Carsten eats 75 times a day. She already had breakfast and two snacks, … More Monday

Poor baby

My Poor Wee Baby Sep 28, ’07 11:17 PM for Mel ‘s contacts For the past few weeks Carsten has been going pee A LOT. When I first noticed, I didn’t think much of it, but then it didn’t go away and then her teacher at school and her teacher at dance both asked me … More Poor baby

Girls are so fun!

Girls are so fun! Sep 24, ’07 11:04 PM for Mel ‘s contacts The best part of having a daughter is getting to play with her hair!   And making HER have a better hair day than ME!   Isn’t she cute??????


Going camping…. Sep 21, ’07 11:56 PM for Mel ‘s contacts  Hi-ho, hi-ho, a camping we will go…. We aren’t going far away this weekend, just in case it is a complete disaster. We will be camping at the state park where we went swimming so often this summer. The camper is packed with all … More Camping

10 TT

Ten Thought Tuesday! Sep 17, ’07 11:56 PM for Mel ‘s contacts 1. Mack and I have moved to the next stage of bonding. When I am home in the day, I wear two shirts, tuck them both in and let him scamper around in between the 1st and 2nd shirt. This feels just as … More 10 TT

The Answers

The Answers! Sep 16, ’07 11:38 PM for Mel ‘s contacts 1. How many sisters do I have? I have three sisters. Julie (36) Cara (27) and Kristen (26)   2. How many four legged pets do I have? I have nine four legged pets! Starr, Murphy and Max.   Roxy and Raleigh.   Rafferty and Mia. … More The Answers

The Imaginary Band

The Imaginary Band Sep 14, ’07 11:10 PM for Mel ‘s contacts  We picked Austin (Cody’s BF) up for school one day last week. He got in the car, sat down, and was incredibly quiet. Usually he talks a lot, to me, to Carsten and to Cody. As we were pulling out of the driveway … More The Imaginary Band

G-pa Day

  Effin Grandparent’s Day Sep 12, ’07 11:28 PM for Mel ‘s contacts So, every year Carsten’s school has Grandparent’s Day. I HAAAAAAAAAATE Grandparent’s Day. For those of you who don’t know…. I am not from South Carolina, so we have no family here. Not one single person within a thousand miles. On Grandparents Day … More G-pa Day


Some thoughts and the most adorable picture EVER. Sep 11, ’07 11:50 PM for Mel ‘s contacts Mack is getting SO much more tame/bonded to me. He doesn’t make the freaked out chirpy noise at me anymore, submits to being pet and handled, and only freaks when he hears other noises. For instance, the sound … More Adorableness