10 TT

Ten Thought Tuesday! Sep 17, ’07 11:56 PM
for Mel ‘s contacts

1. Mack and I have moved to the next stage of bonding. When I am home in the day, I wear two shirts, tuck them both in and let him scamper around in between the 1st and 2nd shirt. This feels just as weird as it sounds! But, today I laid down for a while (on my belly) and Mack curled into a ball in the small of my back and took a nap! So sweet!

2. I am SOOOOOOOO tired today. Earlier this afternoon I could barely keep my eyes open. I have been staying up late almost every night, reading a good book. When I find a book I like, I just can’t read fast enough! I will finish it tonight, and I already have four more books to read after I am done with this one! GAH! I puffy heart reading!

3. We bought a used RV last weekend, from my friend Shelby’s parents. I wasn’t too jazzed about the idea of a camper, but I have to admit that I am more excited now that we actually have it here. The kids are SO excited, and can’t wait to start driving all over in it. Cody is hoping I will make him a grilled cheese sandwich whilst we are movin’ on down the road. I said, errrrrrrrrrr, I can’t make a sandwich while we are moving! I will be sleeping on the couch! Mwahahahahaha!

4. The neighbors dogs (a rat terrier and a border collie) were just down here in my yard. They were barking like CRAZY at my dogs, who were holding their own and barking right back. That drives me insane. I just think it is SOOOOOO rude to be an irresponsible pet owner. If you want a dog, make some kind of plan about where you are going to confine it when you are not home. ARGH!

5. Carsten’s teacher called me at home today…. and I am a little like Pavlov’s dog when I see the school’s number on caller id. I immediately start panicking, and imagining what my kid has done. BUT? The teacher just called to say what a great job Carsten was doing! Carsten is reading so well, and really listening/paying attention in class! MY CARSTEN?????? Wow. Hard to believe my chatterbox is listening and paying attention, but I am not gonna argue with the teacher!!!!!!!

6. The surviving froggie went to the great lily pad in the sky this past weekend. I suck at keeping frogs alive. Snails must be REALLY hard to kill, because they are all thriving.

7. My friend Shelby and I are going to take a clogging class. NO, NOT those big wooden shoes from Holland. Think tap class for adults. We start next week and will go every Monday night. It was Shelby’s idea, but I am excited to go too. I made Shelby call and ask LOTS of important questions, like what do we wear to class? and Are you going to force us to perform in a recital?

8. Two of my favorite shows start this week!!! America’s Next Top Model and the new season of Survivor! YAY!

9. Monday morning I told Cody and Austin about all the people that had volunteered to be in The Imaginary Band. They rolled their eyes at me, and feigned horror at my spilling the secret of the imaginary band on the internet. Then they had an argument about what song was going to be their imaginary first release, and I laughed and tried not to crash the car.

10. My laptop is scheduled to arrive one week from today! Woot! I am so excited that in seven days I will be able to blog while sitting in my favorite chair (a popasan chair) and watching TV! YAY! It doesn’t take much to make me happy. Just a squishy chair, a pink computer and Dr. Phil and Mel is a happy girl!


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