The Answers

The Answers! Sep 16, ’07 11:38 PM
for Mel ‘s contacts

1. How many sisters do I have? I have three sisters. Julie (36) Cara (27) and Kristen (26)



2. How many four legged pets do I have? I have nine four legged pets!

Starr, Murphy and Max.

Starr Murphy and Max

Roxy and Raleigh.

Roxy Raleigh

Rafferty and Mia.

Rafferty Mia

Charlie (the only picture I could find) and Mack!

Charlie Hiding Mack


3.What do I do every Wednesday morning? I open doors and then I work in the Elementary School Library.

4. What state do I live in? South Carolina

5. What color is my car? Grey

September 003

6.What is my favorite soft drink? Liquor ? Diet Coke (diet cherry) and Tequila (margaritas!)

7. Do you know my favorite color?? Orange!

8. Do I blog too often? I think I do!

9. Where did I travel this summer with my kids? We went to Kansas to see my parents and to Myrtle Beach

My dad and my neice. The kids and I at the beach.

My dad and my niece Beach

Last but not least

10. How many friends from 360 ville did I finally meet this summer that I did NOT know before?? Four! I met Mandi, Michelle, Rikki (I’ve known Stacey since high school) and Holly

Just the ladies mel and holly

Thanks to everyone who played along! I think Kristi won because she is the ONLY one that got my favorite color right! (does that count since she is my BFF?) and out of the bloggers I think Brandi, Rikki, Sue, Stacey and Socca Coachie got the most right! A lot of you were VERY, VERY close!


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