The Imaginary Band

The Imaginary Band Sep 14, ’07 11:10 PM
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 We picked Austin (Cody’s BF) up for school one day last week. He got in the car, sat down, and was incredibly quiet. Usually he talks a lot, to me, to Carsten and to Cody. As we were pulling out of the driveway I asked Austin if he was crabby, he said that he wasn’t. OOOOOOooookay. So, I asked Cody if HE was crabby and he said he wasn’t crabby either.

All right. I guess tween boys could be prone to mood swings, maybe they will talk in a few mins. But almost all the way to school and they STILL hadn’t spoken to each other. So I tried again.

Me ~ Are you two mad at each other?

Them ~ No.

Me ~ Come on. SOMETHING is wrong!


Me ~ Do we need to HUG it out?

That made them laugh at least, but still no talking.

Me ~ Are you SURE there is NOTHING wrong???

Again, they claimed NOTHING was wrong. I sensed they were about to get aggravated with me.

Me ~ Ok. I will leave you alone. But, could you do something for me? When you get out of the car, will you do that cool tween thing where you bump fists?

I demonstrated by bumping my own two fists together. They agreed to do it, probably just to shut me up.

We get to school, they get out and I say my good-byes. They start to walk away.

Me ~ HEY! You said you would bump fists!!

But instead of bumping EACH OTHERS fists, they look at each other in a I am SOOOO not liking you right nowway and then they both bump fists with themselves, just like I did. Not touching each other at all. ARGH!

Me ~ Oh HARHARHAR you two. You know this isn’t the end of this discussion. I KNOW something is wrong!


That night when Cody got home from school I questioned him again. Did they have a fight? Did Austin get mad that Cody was IM’ing Austin’s girlfriend? Did Cody do something to make Austin mad? Or vice-versa?

No on all accounts.

Me ~ “Gah. Cody, Please! Tell me what is wrong!!”

Finally, he admits that he did something to upset Austin.

Me ~ What did you do?

Cody ~ I told him I didn’t want to play electric guitar in our band anymore. I wanted to play the keyboard.

Me ~ Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait a minute. You have a band?

Cody ~ We just started it.

Me ~ Does Austin have an electric guitar or a keyboard?

Cody ~ No, we don’t have a keyboard or an electric guitar.

Me ~ Oookay. Sooooo, what is Austin going to play?

Cody ~ Drums.

Me ~ Does he have a drum set?

Cody ~ No

Me ~ Drumsticks????

Cody ~ No.

Me ~ (stifling laughter) Anyone else in the band?

Cody ~ There is a kid that is gonna play Bass Guitar.

Me ~ Let me guess. He doesn’t have a Bass Guitar. (snicker)

Cody ~ (trying not to laugh) No.

Me ~ So, let me get this straight. You have an IMAGINARY band, with IMAGINARY instruments, and youstarted the first fight in the IMAGINARY band by switching IMAGINARY instruments, thus breaking up the IMAGINARY band.

Me ~ 

Cody ~ (laughing) It isn’t (laughing) funny! (laughing) And STOP CALLING IT (laughing) the IMAGINARY band!

Me ~ Is The Make Believe Band better? How about The Let’s Play Pretend Band????? The Band That Will Never Be ~ Because Our Instruments Are Imaginary????

Me ~ 


Anyhoodle, the next day when I picked up Austin and I took it to serious-tone-of-voice-town.

Me ~ Listen, I just want to tell you how sorry I am that the Imaginary Band broke up. I was really looking forward to your first imaginary performance. Maybe we could get the Imaginary Band back together?

They laughed, and suddenly things were back to normal.

Internets! The Imaginary Band has reconciled!!!!

When I told my sister Cara about The Imaginary Band, she asked to be the Imaginary Lead Singer.

And HEY! Maybe the Internets could be the Imaginary Groupies!


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