We’rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre Back! Oct 20, ’07 11:27 PM for Mel ‘s contacts Hellooo Internets! We are back from the great camp-out! Much liquor was drank, much chocolate was consumed, and annoying lady got lucky and DIDN’T get tossed into the lake! Our campsite was just as nice this time as last time, even better I … More Back

Late Wednesday

Late Wednesday Oct 16, ’07 11:50 PM for Mel ‘s contacts Today was a long day. Feeding Mack every two-three hours, two different meds twice a day, moving him back onto his heat/rock or blanket 75 times and continuing to worry non-stop. I had hoped to see more improvement by now, but the vet warned … More Late Wednesday

Why Mel was MIA

  Why Mel was MIA. Oct 15, ’07 11:55 PM for Mel ‘s contacts The last two days have been CRAP CITY over here. Monday Cody came home sick from school… I was preoccupied with getting him settled and making sure he had things to eat and drink, so it was well into the afternoon … More Why Mel was MIA


Oh the Frustration! Oct 11, ’07 11:44 PM for user melgee My son Cody? He is the light of my life AND the bane of my existence. He got another detention. This time before he could come back to school, we had to have a conference with the teacher that gave the detention, this is … More Frustrating

Monday Thoughts

  Oct 7, ’07 11:24 PM for Mel ‘s contacts  1. My gums are getting better… I am still not back to normal though. All of the meds I take for my RA suppress my immune system and they make it harder for me to heal. I still can’t chew in the back, where it … More Monday Thoughts

What’s goin’ on?

What’s going on Wednesday. Oct 2, ’07 11:10 PM for Mel ‘s contacts Smushy foods suck. I went to the grocery store this morning, and the check out guy looked at my purchases and said,errrrrrrrrrr? you must like smooth things? Pudding, Applesauce, Yogurt in cups, Yogurt in tubes, Mashed Potatoes, Soup, Ice Cream, Ice Cream Bars, … More What’s goin’ on?