Late Wednesday

Late Wednesday Oct 16, ’07 11:50 PM
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Today was a long day. Feeding Mack every two-three hours, two different meds twice a day, moving him back onto his heat/rock or blanket 75 times and continuing to worry non-stop.

I had hoped to see more improvement by now, but the vet warned me that it would be a few days before the calcium got re-absorbed into his muscles. (How many muscles can you have when you weight 3 1/2 ounces????) I just had hoped he would be trying to eat independently now, or not be as shaky… UGH, Anyway… he has perked up just a teeny tiny bit. He made some tiny barking noises this morning, barely louder than a whisper, which means he was happy to see me. I got him to take some yogurt/baby food today, and drink some apple juice from a syringe. I will just keep being his nurse and HOPE that with each hour that passes he is getting closer to normal.

Mel and Mack 008

Cody is feeling better, for all of you that asked. He went back to school on Tuesday, he actually hates missing school and rarely is home sick. He seems to be doing a bit better in school, at least as far as the detention-happy teacher is concerned.





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