We’rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre Back! Oct 20, ’07 11:27 PM
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Hellooo Internets!

We are back from the great camp-out! Much liquor was drank, much chocolate was consumed, and annoying lady got lucky and DIDN’T get tossed into the lake!

Our campsite was just as nice this time as last time, even better I think because we were right across the street from the playground. The weather was beautiful and the leaves are starting to change, so it was ever prettier there this weekend.

Camper The Camp Site

camper The Lake

Friday night we got there late and just had a campfire and sat around the fire. I was busy getting everyone settled, including Mack in his travel carrier (sitting atop a heating pad.) He REALLY likes his carrier and has been getting a little perkier everyday. Still not back to normal, but getting closer. Since the camper is all confined space with NO predatory cats, he even got to be out quite a bit, climbing around taking naps in my pocket, on Cody’s arms and clinging to the inside of my sweatshirt. Everyone say it together, AWWWWWWWW!

The next day was breakfast, then some visiting (with the friends we camped with), Cody and I played games (Fact or Crap, which he kicked my arse at and Battleship) while everyone else went hiking, then a nap, then more playground, fishing, more playground, dinner and then campfire stories and smores at the friend’s campsite.

Our friends have an adorable little boy named Garrett, who just turned six, he speaks in this adorable little baby voice that just makes me want to squeeze him! He told campfire stories about wolves with green hair, that everyone thought were hilarious, but I whispered to him later that they were a wee bit scary to me. What?!? Garrett has a VERY convincing growl for a six year old! Anyway, he is an independent little man, but he developed a sweet little friendship with Carsten and they had a lot of fun together.

Garrett fishing CL and Garrett

All of the kids got along well, ours and theirs and all of our kids together. I was a little worried that Cody would be bored since Austin couldn’t go with us. But he had fun too, and it didn’t seem like they were bored at all. Just very happy to be camping!

Cody and Mel Mel and CL

Thankfully there were no big camper disasters this time… only a tiny leak in an outside hose, that just caused our camper took look like it was wetting the bed for the whole weekend. But no inside leaks, the heater/air conditioner worked, and the velcro worked to keep the fridge tightly closed, YAY!!

This morning there was MORE playing at the playground and then the clean up and packing up to come home today.

the slide the girls

I did not get any pictures of annoying lady, sorry! She was pretty well behaved this weekend, she actually even managed to keep gossip to a minimum, well kinda. She makes me feel like I am being interviewed by a tabloid reporter, so I am fairly certain that there will be LOTS of gossip going around about me as soon as she gets home! 

So, now I am home and snapped back to reality, there is wash to be done, a dishwasher to empty, but it isn’t ALL bad, I am also catching up on my tv shows and your blogs. I hope everyone had a FANTASTIC weekend!


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