Velcro Nov 29, ’07 3:37 PM
for Mel ‘s contacts


Well, here he is Internets.  This is the very first baby picture of the little guy.  His name is Velcro, and in January he will be Mack’s new BFF.  I know it isn’t the GREATEST picture, but it was the first time he was ever out of the pouch and being held.  I absolutely melted when I saw the picture…. even though it is a little blurry.



No matter what has happened over here lately, I still think that it is a good idea to get Mack a friend.  Even though we do tent time almost every night now, he still has eight or so more hours every night where he is playing by himself.  There is no way I would ever get rid of Mack… so what is one more Sugar Glider when you already have one?  At least that is what I am telling myself. 


I am getting Velcro from a different lady, a breeder named Michelle that lives in TN.  This isn’t the same one that I talked to before, the one that I considered buying a breeding pair from.  I met Michelle right after I met the other lady, and Michelle is FAR more knowledgeable.  She has given me so much valuable information, including Mack’s new diet… she sent me the recipe a few weeks ago and Mack has totally been loving it.  And he is thriving, he is chubbier and his coat is fluffier than EVER!  So, anyway, after a couple conversations with Michelle (actually I think it was 10 e mails back and forth) she decided that I would be a suitable home, and I put down a deposit on a baby.  He was born a few days later, and she let me name him.  So, I picked the name Velcro, because I think it is adorable, and also I am hoping that he sticks to Mack (and ok, me too) like velcro.  I know I didn’t say anything all these weeks, but I wanted to wait until I had a picture of him, before I said anything.

Here are a few more pics from last night’s tent time.


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