The Xmas Parade

The Christmas Parade Dec 3, ’07 11:17 AM
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This weekend was the annual Holiday Parade.  This was the second year that Carsten has participated, with her dance company.  Last year she was one of the little ones, so she rode on the float.  But this year, she wore one of her performance costumes and walked the whole parade route.  They did baton routines… or baton moves, I am not sure what you call them.  She told me the names, the only one I can remember is Horizontal.  The other one was Two In the Hole Fold something or other.  Gah!  I don’t know!

Anyway… it was a gorgeous day.  In the sixties and sunny.  But that didn’t stop me from showing up with a hat and mittens and my super ginormous fleece blankey. 



Here is a picture of Cody, minus his snuggly cocoon, snacking on his cotton candy. He did start out with a cocoon, but as soon as he saw one kid from school, he suddenly didn’t need it anymore. 

He may not look too excited, but after this picture we discovered that there was a funnel cake cart stationed right behind us.  OMG! FUNNEL CAKES!  And this funnel cake guy gave you toppings choices!!  Mmmm! 

Cody had a strawberry with whipped cream funnel cake, I had a chocolate and powdered sugar funnel cake, and BB had a cinnamon/sugar and apple funnel cake.  MMmmm!. 

I stayed all snuggly warm inside my self made cocoon for the duration of the parade.  It was a pretty nice parade… the funniest moment would have to have been when this guy came walking past us.


It is probably pretty awful of me, but it made me laugh REALLY hard…. the amount of children that screamed and threw themselves into their parents arms. I mean, yeah, The Grinch is a wee bit scary in the movie, but he gets a HEART in the end, and he turns good!  Children! What is the screaming for?!?!  I should have felt compassion for them, but errrrrr, all I did was laugh.  Shame on me.




Anyway… Carsten was impossibly adorable.  She was smiling and waving to the crowd.  She would swing her little baton around, so precisely, making me say GAAAH!! out loud!  Louder than I would have like, actually. 

Later I told her I was so proud that she walked the WHOLE parade route, without getting tired and having to get on the float.  And I said, you did SO GOOD!  and she said, I know!  The people LOVE me!!!


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