Survey says….

Who HASN’T done this one? Jan 31, ’08 11:02 AM for Mel ‘s contacts   I can NO longer resist!  haha! One of those fun surveys we all take part of! This is for your entire life: Smoked a cigarette: Yes.  I started smoking in highschool and have occasionally in the years since then.  Usually only … More Survey says….

10 Tuesday Thoughts

  Tuesday Thoughts Jan 22, ’08 7:21 PM for Mel ‘s friends, Mel ‘s family and Mel ‘s online buddies 1) These are my sisters.  From left to right, me, my younger sister Cara (Sam Sam on Multiply), my older sister Julie (dulieo on Multiply), and my youngest sister Kristen. After Cara picked me up on … More 10 Tuesday Thoughts

Right about now…

Right About Now… *edited* Jan 21, ’08 6:58 AM for Mel ‘s contacts ….Stacey’s first doctor of the day should be coming in the room to wake her up.  In a few hours they will be taking Stac down to her bone marrow biopsy.  The procedure should start at about nine or nine thirty.  We … More Right about now…

Gah! (stac)

GAH! Jan 18, ’08 9:20 PM for Mel ‘s contacts How can the week POSSIBLY be over ALREADY?  How am I going to actually put one foot in front of the other and make myself leave her tomorrow?  GAH. GAH. GAH!!! I have cried a lot today… it started this morning, when Stac told me that it … More Gah! (stac)

Stacey Update 1/15

Orignally written by Stacey and posted on her blog.     Update for Tuesday… Jan 15, ’08 3:05 PM for everyone I must say, things are much better this week than last. More than likely because Mel is here to take care of me.  Last week consisted of lots of vomiting, severe diarrhea and a nerve … More Stacey Update 1/15

Hello! (stac)

Hello from the frozen tundra!!! Jan 14, ’08 8:58 AM for Mel ‘s contacts I am here! Stacey is doing much better than she was a few days ago.  She is only feeling a little bit of leg cramps in the left leg.  She is able to be up and about again, in fact we … More Hello! (stac)