middle of the week….. already (stac)

Middle of the Week… already Jan 16, ’08 4:15 PM
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We had visitors again today… Rikki and Mandi were back to visit Stacey again.  It was so good to see them again… they make me laugh so hard.  So, they bring a lot of joy and happiness with them when they come.

Stacey was looking her cute self again today… she has gotten a lot of compliments today on how great she is looking.  She swears it is the wig, but I think she is looking better each and every day.

Her platelet count was back down to 18,000 today, so she got another platelet transfusion of the cross matched platelets (those are the ones that match with her platelets the best.)  We are anxious to see how much it will bring her count up, because last time she got cross matched platelets she went from 11 to 50.  My prediction is 65… Stac says she thinks it will be in the 60’s too.  So, cross your fingers we are right!!











Stacey’s friend Taisa joined us for about an hour too… but I completely forgot to take a picture of her.  I feel really bad, because I was excited to meet her and meant to get a picture of her and I with Stacey.  Can you come back Taisa?  Please?

Stacey and I did 13 laps again this morning… she finished up the day yesterday with 28 laps all together.  That is her record so far!  So WOOT!

One of Stacey’s friends made a comment on her blog, that when I posted FTC! she thought it meant F*ck The Cancer instead of First To Comment.  Which is kinda ironic because Stac and I were just looking at F*ck the Cancer t-shirts online yesterday… so I decided to add FTC! to my page title.  I think I will leave it there until she beats this… WHEN she beats this I should say, because I am more convinced than EVER that leukemia picked the WRONG person to mess with. 

Well, tonight K will be back and Stac’s Mom will be here too.  I have know Peggy as long as I have known Stac (since I was 13) so it will be nice to see her.  And, since her and Stac are SO much alike, it is kinda like hanging out with TWO Staceys!  American Idol is on again tonight, and K, Stac and I had so much fun watching it last night, so I am looking forward to watching with all three of them tonight.

I can’t believe that it is Wednesday already… I only have two full days left with her.  I am worried about leaving and having a breakdown.  I don’t want to go… part of me wishes I could stay here with her until she goes home, even though I am tired of the rock bed and yes, even the cafeteria food.  But, I would put up with it longer to be able to stay with her.  But, I know I can’t.  My kids are expecting me to come home… and I have appointments and whatnot to keep.  But, GAH.  I am NOT looking forward to Saturday morning.  *sigh*



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