Stacey Update 1/15

Orignally written by Stacey and posted on her blog.



Update for Tuesday… Jan 15, ’08 3:05 PM
for everyone

I must say, things are much better this week than last. More than likely because Mel is here to take care of me.  Last week consisted of lots of vomiting, severe diarrhea and a nerve issue with my legs called neuropathy caused from the Chemo. This was a an issue where if I stood still/walked/or even hung my legs over the bed, I got these terrible pins and needles in my feet and legs. Not fun at al! Luckily, there is a medication for this issue and it’s been getting much better.

The plan is to remain in the hospital this week and see what my numbers do. Hopefully the Leukemia is on it’s way out and my cells will start to recover. We have another bone marrow biopsy on the 21st. If that gives us good results, I might possibly be able to go home next week, but we’ll see.  Regardless, I’ll be back for consolidation chemo in 2 weeks. This is a less invasive treatment, but it’s required to keep the Leukemia at bay.

Our next step also includes meeting with the Bone Marrow transplant team about a transplant.  Without the transplant, my Leukemia could come back within a year.  So even though that’s another big ordeal, I’m just taking it day by day for now.

Thanks again for all of  your prayers and good wishes!


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