Hello! (stac)

Hello from the frozen tundra!!! Jan 14, ’08 8:58 AM
for Mel ‘s contacts

I am here!

Stacey is doing much better than she was a few days ago.  She is only feeling a little bit of leg cramps in the left leg.  She is able to be up and about again, in fact we did 4 laps around the ward last night!

Her platelet count has been up and down the past few days, it went from 27 (27,000) to 21, and today and it is 11.  So, she is getting a platelet transfusion as we speak.

Her appetite is coming back a wee tiny bit!  In fact she was able to eat some toast for breakfast and drink her whole carton of milk and that is more than she has ate in days!  WOOT FOR STACEY!  Woot for me too!  I told her she is feeling better because SUPER MEL is here!!!!!!!!!  da-da-da-daa-da-da-daaaaaaaaaaaaa!  SUPER MEL!

She is still getting liquid nutrients, but the more she eats, the less likely she will need them.

She is tired on and off, but in pretty good spirits.  I made it through the first night in the freakin chair of stone.  GAH!  The thing makes my butt fall asleep when I sit in it, but having a blankey from the blanket warmer made it WAAAAAAAAAAAY more tolerable.

I am off to the cafeteria for breakfast!  YAY!  I LURVE cafeteria food!  YUM!  (I am not being sarcastic there, I really do!!)

We are hoping to get a visit from Mandi, Rikki, and Michelle sometime in the next few days!

Thanks for all the continued well wishes for Stacey and the wishes for me to have a safe trip!  We love you guys!  Smooches!


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