New Year’s Eve Update

Originally written by Stacey and posted on her blog:     New Year’s Eve update Dec 31, ’07 8:48 PM for everyone I have decided today that the ‘bald’ look is not for me. ūüôā LOL My mom shaved Kirk’s and I’s heads today. It felt so weird having it done. My mom cried almost … More New Year’s Eve Update


Sunday Update

Originally written by Stacey and posted on her blog:   I have to once again thank everyone for all the great gifts. I loved the necklace and I’ve been wearning it every day. I’m thinking about possibly getting a litte picture frame charm so I can have Henry’s picture with me as well. I’ll have … More Sunday Update

Update 12/28 Stac

Originally posted on Stacey’s blog: Hi everyone… this is Mel again¬†writing an update for Stacey.¬† If you read her blog from the other day, or saw her comment on my guestbook, you would see that she is BEYOND tired and having a hard time getting online without dozing off.¬† So, she didn’t want any of … More Update 12/28 Stac

Stacey Update

Stacey Update – Friday, December 21st *edited* Dec 21, ’07 3:32 PM for everyone So, I talked to Stacey this morning and she asked that I update everyone again.¬†¬† I apologize if some of you have talked to her or K and already know some of this stuff, sometimes she gets a wee bit confused … More Stacey Update

Ten Thought Wednesday

Ten Thought Wednesday Dec 19, ’07 3:58 PM for Mel ‘s friends, Mel ‘s family and Mel ‘s online buddies 1.¬† I know Wednesday doesn’t start with a T, but I don’t give an eff. 2.¬† WHY do people send braggy Christmas letters?¬† I don’t mind Christmas letters, I like catching up with people’s lives.¬† … More Ten Thought Wednesday

Oh Sucky Day

Oh Sucky Day. Dec 13, ’07 3:41 PM for Mel ‘s contacts I am sitting here staring out the window, puzzled that the world outside my window seems so calm.¬† The¬†sun is¬†shining and the sky is blue.¬†¬† Why isn’t the sky¬†a frightening shade of grey?¬† Why isn’t the ground cracked and every object within sight¬†tumbling … More Oh Sucky Day


  The last few days have been hard, so incredibly hard.¬† Sometimes my emotions are so jumbled up, I have no idea if I am crying about what is happening with Stacey now or if I am crying because¬†it reminds me of how I felt 13 years ago when Richard died. No one should ever … More Wednesday