Merry Christmas! And a Stacey update!


Merry Christmas Everybody!

Here is Carsten, with her gift from Santa.  A new scooter!  She had gotten a Barbie Princess Jeep two years ago, and she drove it so much since moving here that she wore out the wheels and lost the ability to go in reverse.  So Santa brought her some new wheels!  Santa also brought her that stuffed dog that really pees!  That damn Santa.  haha.  She asked me if her dog needed to go outside to pee.  I said YES.  So far, she hasn’t fed it real liquid and made it pee.  Ha!

Cody got a paintball gun from Santa!  And a warning from me that the first time I see his sister or any dog/cat/furry woodland creature with paint on them I will tie him to a tree and unload a canister of paintballs on him.

Santa got BB a tea making flibber-knobber for work! (I have NO idea what it does!) *edited* flibber knobber is MY word, I don’t know what the real name of the tea thing is.

And I got a label maker from Santa baby.  That Santa… what a guy!  If you come over to my house?  Don’t stand still for too long, because if you do?  I will label you!  I labeled the dog already today.  Heehee!

The other big news today is that I talked to Stacey and she loved her necklace.  She is wearing it, and called it “beautiful” and “perfect” and “just stunning” and “an amazing gift” and “perfect” a few mores times.  I got a wee bit nervous when I hadn’t heard from her all day, and was talking myself to negativetown, SURE that she hated it and you would all hate me.  Silly me.  She was just visiting with her parents, napping, and then later – changing rooms.  Her old ward had only two patients, so they moved her to a different ward.  She is doing all right… having a bit of trouble managing her pain (still having pain in her ribs.)  She is officially done with chemo (she was on Sunday) and is doing all right so far, she developed hives today, but they are not sure what that is from.  It could be from the platelet transfusions, or something else, they don’t know right now.  Her platelet count was the lowest ever today, but the drs expected that, so they are just monitoring her and giving her transfusions as needed.

We talked a little yesterday about the chemo side effects, and I asked her about losing her hair, how she felt about it.  Turns out she is kinda excited.  Imagine that… just one more way to amaze us, huh?  Anyway… her Mom already got her an adorable sassy wig, and she is pretty excited about the cut of it and the highlights in it.  I can’t wait to see it. 

I tried to talk her into letting K take a picture of her with her necklace on… she said she would, so we will wait and see.  But, rest assured she loved it.  She said she got teary when she saw the engraving, but didn’t cry – but only because it hurts to cry.  I wish you all could have heard the happiness in her voice when she talked about it, opening it and seeing it.  For me, it was the first time since all of this happened that I wanted to cry when we were talking, but NOT because I was scared, or sad, or worried about her.  I wanted to cry because I was so happy that we made her happy.

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! 


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