Ten Thought Wednesday

Ten Thought Wednesday Dec 19, ’07 3:58 PM
for Mel ‘s friends, Mel ‘s family and Mel ‘s online buddies

1.  I know Wednesday doesn’t start with a T, but I don’t give an eff.

2.  WHY do people send braggy Christmas letters?  I don’t mind Christmas letters, I like catching up with people’s lives.  But do I care if your kindergartner can read at a 5th grade level, that your two year old is pretty much the equivalent to a world renowned painter and that you and your husband soaked up the rays (and each other – wink-wink) while on a trip to Jamaica?  NO. I. DON’T.  So, knock it off people.

3.  I ran out of pain pills AGAIN.  This Monday I had to quit cold turkey, I had no pills left and the new ones that SHOULD have been here, weren’t here.  So, I am basically acting like a drug addict going through withdrawal right now, shakes, fever/chills, dizzy and puking.  GOOD TIMES!

4.  I will pick up more pills tomorrow, if the mail doesn’t bring them today, because I will be at the VA for my neurologist appointment.

5.  I am officially done Christmas shopping.  GAWD, I HATE Christmas shopping.  It seems like I get done later and later every year.

6.  Fark!!  I take that back.  I just remembered that I didn’t buy any stocking stuffers.  Shit in a biscuit!  BAH!!  I need to do that before the weekend crowds.

7.  I haven’t talked to Stacey in a couple of days… I am trying to give her space.  Though I have NO idea how much is too little or too much space. 

8.  You know what else I forgot to mention about the little neighbor boy?  He was over here once using his laptop, and I asked him how he was able to access the internet.  I figured maybe they had the service for the new house already turned on, but NOOOOOO.  In fact, he was (((((((((((((((((((((((((WAIT FOR IT)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) using MY internet connection.  GAH!

9.  We are not going anywhere for Christmas, and no one is coming here.  I have been wondering about all of you, what are your plans?

10.  I am addicted to candy canes.  Rikki blogged once about candy flavored candy canes, and I practically RAN to the store to get them.  I bought Lifesaver flavors, and Strawberry Starburst.  OMG people!  They are so DELISH!


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