New Year’s Eve Update

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New Year’s Eve update Dec 31, ’07 8:48 PM
for everyone

I have decided today that the ‘bald’ look is not for me. 🙂 LOL My mom shaved Kirk’s and I’s heads today. It felt so weird having it done. My mom cried almost the whole time while doing it. I tried to lighten the moment for her by reminding her how easy it will be to get ready in the morning now….and if I shower at night, I won’t wake up with ‘bed head’ in the morning.  While my hair was coming off, Kirk tried to tell me it looked good. When I went to mirror afterwards, I had to disagree. My face is a little darker complected because I have freckles….and my head looks white and my ears stick out.  LOL, but then I put my wig on and looked fabulous! It is so cute! I took it off awhile later and couldn’t believe how cold my head was. My friend brought me some flannel hats and silk scarfs, so I played with them. I like the hats a lot better for the warmth. 🙂 We took pictures and I’ll try to upload them tomorrow.

I am also just about finished with Henry’s slide show, so hopefully I’ll have that up soon as well.

And for anyone keeping track, my numbers are all up today.

Red Blood Cells/Hemoglobin: 7.8

White Blood Cells: 600

Platelets: 38,000

If my platelets stay up and continue to rise, I will get the Hickman port put in my chest on Wed, as well as, the 2nd bone marrow biopsy.


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