FTC Video

  Mandi’s FTC video! Feb 28, ’08 1:40 PM for everyone   Many of you have read about Stacey’s battle with Leukemia, here on my blog or on hers.  Some of you were lucky enough to know Stacey before this all happened, and some of you have fallen in love with the sweet positive bundle of happiness that is … More FTC Video

My Noggin

Things knocking around in my noggin Feb 27, ’08 2:20 PM for Mel ‘s contacts Hola peoples. *  So, for those of you that are out of the loop, the bunnies are in the hospital.  What I first thought was one bunny shedding and then thought was one bunny with mites turned out to be … More My Noggin

Tuesday Tag

A Tuesday Tag!!! Feb 26, ’08 6:15 PM for Mel ‘s contacts       1. Name one person who made you laugh last night? – my sister Kristen.  I called her to tell her about taking the sick bunnies to the vet and was upset and she made me laugh. 2. What were you … More Tuesday Tag

The sister visit

  The Sister Visit Feb 25, ’08 7:00 AM for Mel ‘s contacts My sister Kristen arrived on Thursday, the day after my birthday… and she was the best birthday present that I got.  Carsten came with me to pick her up and Tomtom navigated us to and from the airport.  The first night we … More The sister visit

It’s my birthday!

It’s MY birthday!!!! *edited with ANOTHER picture! Feb 20, ’08 11:00 AM for Mel ‘s contacts I am 33 today!  Weeeeeee! I came home last night and there was a package on my porch!  From WINDI!  I hurried inside and tore it open and when I saw what was inside?  I screeeeeeeeeeeamed!       … More It’s my birthday!

10 Thought Tuesday

  Ten Thought Tuesday! With Pictures! Feb 19, ’08 9:16 AM for Mel ‘s contacts 1) It is Tuesday, right? 2) So… I finally got my camera back last night.  I posted the Carsten/Trey karate fight in the video section.  They are so freakin’ cute.  And their teacher is pretty awe inspiring.  I just love … More 10 Thought Tuesday

Gardening Sucks

  Gardening Sucks Feb 17, ’08 4:25 PM for Mel ‘s contacts Since it has been sorta spring-like here… I decided to spend today cutting back my perennials.  Most of them had already started shooting out new growth… so I figured I should get it done.  Also, my sister arrives on Thursday and I go … More Gardening Sucks

Get Ready….

Get Ready… I am gonna be b*tching…. Feb 15, ’08 9:10 AM for Mel ‘s contacts For anyone that doesn’t know… I was raised in a very religious home.  From Kindergarten to Fifth grade, I attended a private Baptist School and Church.  I was the little kid on the bus, trying to talk to high … More Get Ready….


The Man-Child and My Spunky Daughter Feb 13, ’08 9:51 AM for Mel ‘s contacts Last night the kids and I were eating at Wendy’s and I was having a discussion with Cody where I said something about what he was doing/feeling and he said that I was right. Carsten – Whoa Mommy!  Can you … More Kids…


Dear…….. Feb 12, ’08 12:50 PM for Mel ‘s contacts     Dear Valentine Candy Hearts, With your cutesy little sayings  and your delicious sweetness…. I. CANNOT. STOP. EATING. YOU. (btw, thanks! I knew that I rule and that I am SO FINE AND a sweetie, but I still love hearing it from you! *blush) And I am fairly … More dear…..