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Things knocking around in my noggin Feb 27, ’08 2:20 PM
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Hola peoples.

*  So, for those of you that are out of the loop, the bunnies are in the hospital.  What I first thought was one bunny shedding and then thought was one bunny with mites turned out to be two bunnies trying to kill each other.  Rafferty and Raleigh both had surgery Monday night to clean out their wounds and to stitch some of the holes together.  EW.  I went to visit them yesterday, but just called today.  They are both doing well today… eating like piglets.  The vet says they can come home Friday, so I have until then to figure out how to put together the newest residence in bunnytown.  Not that I have bought it yet, we are going to buy it tonight after I pick Cody up.

*  In what might be a coincidence but I like to think of as further proof that I am indeed psychic… I was at the farm store last week and was checking out their bunny hutches.  I had no need for a bunny hutch then… but now I do and I don’t have to shop around.  I know they have what I need and it is only a matter of going into town to buy it!  Weee!

*  Hey KRISTI!  Rafferty WAS your favorite bunny.  (See?  If you had just taken him, then we wouldn’t be having THIS problem.)  No, just kidding.  Even if Kristi had taken Raff, I probably would have just kept a different bunny.  There were three boys.  Raleigh was my favorite bunny, though now it is going to take a while before I stop thinking of him as a evil bunny bully.

*  I suck at putting things together.  BB is in Kentucky this weekend, so I will tackle the bunny house assembly all by my big self.  Ever seen one of those sitcoms/commercials where as soon as the person gets something put together and then takes a step back and declares it perfect, and then it FALLS COMPLETELY APART?  That is what usually happens to me.  That and A LOT of stripping of screws.

*  Is it just me or does stripping of screws sound naughty even though I am talking about hardware?

*  Have you seen the Orbitz commercial where the wife puts her cheating hubby’s car through a wood chipper?  This commercial has supplied me with some new favorite words, such as:  cootie queen, lint licker, stinky McStinkface…. well, here!  Don’t take offense if I work this whole entire commercial into our conversations for the next week or two.  My obsession will fade.  I promise.

*  It is scary inside my brain, isn’t it?

*  Know what else is SCARY?  Paula Abdul!  During the audition shows I thought perhaps she had regained some sanity, but…….. NOPE.  Still batshit crazy.  There was last night where she told that sweet innocent teen kid that she wanted to “squish him and squeeze off his head and hang it from her rear view mirror”  WHOA.  Easy killer.  Don’t make the contestants get restraining orders on you before we even make it to the top 12.  Then the week BEFORE that, did anyone catch when she was prattling on to that one person after they sang and SUCKED SMURFS and she told them “now it was time for them to go paint their door and their knob”  ERRRRR, WHAT?!?!  And yes, I am SURE that is what she said.  I rewound it 35 times to make sure.  What the French Toast?  (HA!  Orbitz commercial!!)  What does paint your door and knob mean?  I HAVE NO IDEA!  But I am now using it in general conversation now too.

Cody – I have no idea what to be when I grow up.

Me – Don’t worry about it.  Just go paint your door and your knob.

Cody – O_o

* I got presents from Michelle (R) and Kristi last weekend… but I am still waiting for my present from my Mom before I do another presents blog.  Oh and I may have bought myself a present or two too.  Hee!

Ok…. I think there was more stuff I wanted to talk about but I have sufficiently relieved the pressure inside my noggin.  OR?  Maybe I just gave it to YOU?



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