FTC Video


Mandi’s FTC video! Feb 28, ’08 1:40 PM
for everyone


Many of you have read about Stacey’s battle with Leukemia, here on my blog or on hers.  Some of you were lucky enough to know Stacey before this all happened, and some of you have fallen in love with the sweet positive bundle of happiness that is Stacey as you read about her battle against Leukemia.

It was probably a month and a half ago that we came up with the FTC shout-out, meaning F*ck the Cancer.  I was overwhelmed when everyone started adding FTC to the top’s of their pages  Sometimes browsing pages I will stumble across the page of someone that has heard of Stac from a friend of a friend of a friend and even they were touched enough to add FTC to their page.  But then that isn’t THAT much of a surprise, because when you hear even a LITTLE about Stac, it is impossible NOT to be touched by her.

So, the last few months I have laughed, cried and found support through all of you – my beautiful friends, and the ways that we have shared Stacey’s story and helped encourage Stacey to keep fighting.  Whether that means proudly posting the FTC sign on your page, or taking pictures of yourself or friends and family holding FTC signs, or donating marrow to try to save a life.  You all are some of the most incredible people alive, and I am so lucky to know you.  Stacey now knows that she is never alone… on the days she is tired, there are people standing in line to be the one to carry her.

Today I was touched more than I have EVER been, by Mandi.  A few days ago she asked us to send her our FTC pictures for something she was putting together for Stacey.  I knew whatever she did would be fantastic (because, hello?  SHE. IS. FANTASTIC.) but HOLY TEARS BATMAN!!!  I had NO idea she was going to make the mother of all touching videos.

Visit Mandi’s site and tell her how awesome she is and how AWESOME her video is!!!!Here is the link, so you can send the video to YOUR friends and family. http://s195.photobucket.com/albums/z172/mandijo1822/?action=view¤t=FTCProject_1.flv

I would love to be able to donate bone marrow for Stacey, but I am disqualified from donating.  But I just know that because of Mandi’s video we will be able to find even MORE people that CAN save a life.  HEY CANCER!  You have just been put on notice!  My friends and I are going to EFF you UP!  FTC!


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