FTC Shirts


FTC Shirts! Mar 1, ’08 11:21 AM
for everyone




My sister Cara (Sam on Multiply) called me this morning with some news.  The first news was that she just ordered her donation kit from marrow.org!  Woot for my sister!  The second thing she had to tell me was that she had watched Mandi’s video, and then showed the video to several of her co-workers.  (she is a elementary school special ed teacher)  One of the people she showed the video was a man that is substitute teaching at her school, for a teacher out on maternity leave.  Guess what he does BESIDES substitute teaching?  He owns a t-shirt printing company!!!!!!  And he ships all over the country!!!  And guess what?!?!  He wants to make us FTC shirts!

T-shirt guy has an artist that works for him… and he would take the basic idea of the shirt that Michelle had made.  It would say FTC! on the front, and Beat The Odds on the back.  Also, I said we would like to add something else to the bottom of the back, a link to the marrow.org website.  So, then when we are out in public and people wonder what the heck FTC means, they will be able to visit the website to find out.  I thought about something like, “Visit marrow.org to save a life!” 

Maybe we could also add tiny print to the front of the shirt that said, “F*** The Cancer”  (with the stars, not with the actual letters) and maybe have similar shirts made up for the kids that said, “Fight The Cancer!”

Also, maybe there should be two color options, one for men and one for women.  So, we would ask for three options, two that say F*** The Cancer – one blue, one pink.  And the third option would be Fight The Cancer, maybe just in primary colors, for the kids.

His artist would e mail back and forth with us, tweaking the design until we were happy.  Then I would post the finished design(s) and there would be a link to order them.  (and anyone else that wanted to, could copy my entry and post it on their website too.)  That way, there is no middleman… if you want a shirt, if ANYONE (stac’s family, my family, your family… ANYONE!) wants a shirt, you have the ability to order the shirt and have it shipped directly to you!

I am SO FLIPPIN’ excited about this!  I feel like Mandi said she feels, like my heart is about to explode with love.  It is incredible the impact that Mandi’s video is having… it is incredible the impact that STACEY is having on the world.  I get almost giddy with the possibility that something WE do can save someone’s life.

Soooooooo…. let me know what you think of this idea.  I want to have EVERYONE’S input.  I already talked to Stac, and she LOVES the idea.  I also ran it by Michelle, because I didn’t want her to think I was stepping on her toes… and she loved the idea too!  Let me know what you think should be written on the shirts… and what you think about the options and the colors.   I WANT to know what YOU think!  So TELL ME!



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