It’s my birthday!

It’s MY birthday!!!! *edited with ANOTHER picture! Feb 20, ’08 11:00 AM
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I am 33 today!  Weeeeeee!

I came home last night and there was a package on my porch!  From WINDI!  I hurried inside and tore it open and when I saw what was inside?  I screeeeeeeeeeeamed!








A GINORMOUS jar of JAWBREAKERS!!!!!  5 pounds of them!  250 jawbreakers!   HOLY!

But even better than the jawbreakers was the letter she wrote me… she said it was ok to post part of it, even though it would embarrass her.  But, Internets?  I want you to know how sweet Windi is!  Sooooo… here is part of her letter:

“You are a wonderful person Mel…. I’m constantly amazed that with your RA and the constant pain you endure, that you can be so fun-loving, upbeat and totally selfless.  Your “cult” doesn’t follow you because you are funny Mel, it’s because you are the real deal.  A genuinely good person we can all inspire to be more like.”


AWWWWWWWW!  GAH!!!  Isn’t she the BESTEST?!?!

Today has been such a great day already.  I woke up this morning at 6:20am, when my sister Julie called.  My family has this INSANE competition on birthdays that I have mentioned here before.  Your birthday call goes like this, “Happy Birthday! What caller am I?”  haha.  So… Julie wanted to be first so she got up at 5:20 her time to call me.  Then my brother-in-law got on the phone and claimed #2 status.  The following is the results of today’s competition!

#3 – Sister Cara

#4 – Mom

#5 – Dad

#6 – Sister Kristen (who said during her call… I know I am last, I did that on purpose, SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST! hahahahahaha!)

They are ALL crazy… but I love them!  And the birthday competition is actually my favorite part of the day.  There is nothing like a family that loves you so much that they compete for who can tell you Happy Birthday first.

I also got a phone call from Kristi… another one of my favorite things about my birthday is her family calling me and getting to hear B and H say Happy Birthday! (adorable H said – Happy Birffday Wissa!)  Also, she and I do this thing where we are all screamy at the beginning of the phone call…. her – It’s YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!!! me -It’s MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Carsten is SO excited for my birthday.  She gave me her first present last weekend.  It was going underwater while we were in the hot tub.  It was SO cute… her – are you ready for your present???? me – yes!  she went under water and came out with a HUGE grin!  Then she gave me a picture of Hello Kitty,  (Holle Ket E is how SHE spells it!) SpongeBob, Gary the snail and ME!











Carsten also got me some presents while shopping with her Dad (that I have not opened yet) but one of them was not easily hidden!  So they just told me about it, before I stumbled upon it myself!




It is a freezer full of Girl Scout cookies!!!









Then this morning my doorbell rang!  It was the flower delivery man… who I had beckoned with a “come to meeeeeeee, flower man… COME! TO! MEEEEEEE!” every time he drove up and down my road looking for his delivery address!  It took three times before he pulled into my driveway and brought me a plant from…………………. CODY!  Gah!  What a sweetie!



Obviously his Dad took him to order it, but the idea was all his!

Isn’t it SOOOO purty?  And he paid attention to me… because I have always said I don’t like flowers because they die… so he got me a plant! 






I woke up this morning to tons of text messages, and guest book greetings!  Thank you to everyone that has wished me Happy Birthday!  You guys are really making this the BEST birthday ever!  I feel SO loved!


I also got a few birthday cards in the mail…. thanks Katie, Michelle and Cheryl!










I am about to eat my birthday lunch!  Mmmm!  Fresh Green Beans!









We are going out to eat tonight at O’Charley’s…. so I can have some Pretzel Chicken!!!  And not have to make it!!  Or clean up!!  YAY!

I saw the flower man truck coming down the hill and BECKONED him again!  And LOOKEY!  Stacey sent me flowers!  How sweet is THAT?  She is in the hospital and sends me flowers!  GAH!  I love you Stac!


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