10 Thought Tuesday


Ten Thought Tuesday! With Pictures! Feb 19, ’08 9:16 AM
for Mel ‘s contacts

1) It is Tuesday, right?

2) So… I finally got my camera back last night.  I posted the Carsten/Trey karate fight in the video section.  They are so freakin’ cute.  And their teacher is pretty awe inspiring.  I just love that man, he is so good with the kids.  He is a man of few words and even though he doesn’t talk very much, I can just feel how much he cares about my kids.  He scares the begeezus out of me because I have seen him spar, and I know he could snap my neck like a toothpick, but I still puffy heart him.











3) Mack and Velcro have seen each other… and the consensous is clear.  It freaks them BOTH the eff out.  At night when they wake up, it is a series of chattering noises and scrambling away from the screen noises.  But I can tell they WANT to like each other.. because they almost immeadiately return to the screen, only to chatter and scramble away from it again.  It is too dark to get a picture when they are on the screens, but here is what it looks like in the light of day.











4)  Yesterday I got a surprise package in the mail!  From Pottery Barn!  I love me some Pottery Barn!  I was patient for about two hours, staring at the box and trying to decide if I could have possibly purchased something online while sleep-walking.  Then I gave in and opened it… and it was from Michelle (mlk)!!!!  She remembered a comment I made while we were shopping in TN that weekend… and she bought me a present!  HOW SWEET!  Here is a picture… it is a cosmetic bag!  And I LURVE it!  I got all teary when I opened it!  Thanks Michelle!









5) And last week?  I got a package from Jill (jillsbiz)!!!  It was this stuff called Mona-vie, it’s a combination of 19 fruits in it, most importantly the Acai Berry, and it also came with a cute little shot glass!  It is supposed to be good for people with joint or muscle pain.  It was SO sweet of Jill to think of me, and to send me something trying to help me feel better… it made me teary too!  So, thanks again Jill!  I have been taking my shot every single morning!  Anything that is good for you tastes EVEN BETTER when you get to take it as a SHOT!










6) I got my hair colored yesterday!  I really really love it!










7) I am supposed to be grocery shopping right now.  I HAAAAAAATE grocery shopping.  The only thing that makes THIS shopping trip a wee bit exciting?  I am shopping for my sister’s visit AND I am going to make Michelle’s yummy dessert!  Mmmm!

8)  I decorated my porch for Spring.  This new outlet just opened in my town, it is a Jackson Perkins outlet, and I LOVE Jackson Perkins, but what I love EVEN more is that everything is so FRACKIN’ cheap at the outlet!  Look at my cute porch!  I got this wreath and door mat.  Look at what is on the wreath!  Gah!  So adorable!














And the cute table in between my rockers!  I got two pots too… but I don’t have anything planted in them yet.









9)  Cody has soccer try-outs this week.  Every night this week… four days in a row.  The suspense is killing me.  He says it went well last night, and he feels confident.  He is WAY more relaxed than me.  I want him to make the team… but I am so nervous because this is the first time he has ever had to “try-out” rather than just join a team.

10)  Last night I got my first birthday phone call.  It was from my friend George.  I need to do a whole George blog, because everything that man has done for me I cannot possibly fit into one single Tuesday thought.  I have never had a Grandpa, they both died before I was born.  I met George when we lived in Oklahoma, his wife had RA too… and they had been married for 50 years when she died. (four years ago now)  He is the most loving and patient man I have ever met, and knowing he is proud of me makes my heart sing.  Every year, he calls me a few days BEFORE my birthday, so he can be the first one to say it to me.  He is almost 82 now… and every time we end the conversation I am terrified it will be the last time I talk to him.  Gah.  Anyway…. getting his call last night made me soooooooo happy.  In a few short minutes he makes me feel like the smartest, most kind, most sweet, best parent that has ever lived.  And hearing him say “I love you” is the best birthday present ever.  Huggles George!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!


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