The Man-Child and My Spunky Daughter Feb 13, ’08 9:51 AM
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Last night the kids and I were eating at Wendy’s and I was having a discussion with Cody where I said something about what he was doing/feeling and he said that I was right.

Carsten – Whoa Mommy!  Can you read Cody’s mind?

Me – Errrrr… no.  I am not a mind reader.

Carsten – Ohhhhh, that’s right.  You aren’t a mind reader, you just have eyes in the back of your head.

Cody – Ummm – WHAT?!?!

Carsten – It’s ok Cody, you don’t know bout dat because only women have eyes in the back of their heads.


Speaking of Cody…. I picked him up from school yesterday and the sun hit his face just right and I realizes that he has HAIR.  ON HIS LIP.  Mustache style!!!!  GAH!  Omg!  I almost hit the curb reaching over to grab his face to pull it towards me because SURELY the sun was playing tricks on me.  But, ummmmmm…. NO.  He has hair.  On. his. face.  Holy Begeezus Monkeys!  I kept saying… you have hair on your face.  You are going to have to shave soon.  Because you have hair on your face.  Mustache hair.  On YOUR FACE.  Then I got to a stop sign, turned on my left turning signal and turned right.  Then I forgot to brake over the railroad tracks and practically slammed all of our heads into the roof of my car… then I pulled out in front of someone.  GAH! 

So, finally I called my sister Cara so she could calm me down.  But all she kept saying was,WHAT?  Whaaaaat?  What?  Yeah… thanks Cara!  For NOTHING!  Anyway…. Cody thoroughly enjoyed this whole process.  He kept doing stuff like this:

Cody –  Hey?  Do we need to stop at Wal-Mart?

Me – I don’t think so…. why?

Cody – Because I probably need an electric razor.

Me – ACK!  Eyes like this O_o    


Cody – Soooooo…. I’ve been thinking…..

Me – About what?

Cody – I think I would look REALLY good in a goatee. 

Me – ACK! *faint

In the past few weeks, I have realized that Cody has recently bought a ticket to puberty-town.  His feet are HUGE.  When my parents were here we went to buy him shoes, last time I bought him some (a few months ago) they were size 6 1/2 Mens…. now he wears a size 8 1/2!!!!!  How does that happen in A. FEW. MONTHS?!?!

He’s also all of a sudden 5 feet tall.  That might not sound too tall for a 13 year old, but you have to realize that both his Dad’s family and my family are (sorry family) VERY SHORT.  His Dad and I are the tallest in our families, giants practically compared to everyone else, and I am only 5’6 and BB is 5’8.  Cody has ALWAYS been on the small size, when he was a baby sometimes he was not even ON that growth chart,  he was a tiny mark outside the margin.  And he has always been a wee bit sensitive about it, but now all of a sudden he is only a few inches shy of being taller than most of both sides of our family.  WOW! 

But I have to admit…. me no likey puberty-town.  All this growth, (feet, hair and whatnot) is freaking me the eff out.  I want to freeze him.  Block his passage into manhood.  I mean… another six months and he will be physically bigger than me!  His feet ALREADY are!  He only weighs ten pound less than me!  Soon I won’t be able to borrow his clothes anymore.  GAH!  Someone wake me UP!











Ahhh… anyhoodle.  Last Saturday Carsten had a belt test in karate, and she moved from white belt to yellow belt.  She has been telling me since Saturday afternoon, that we really need to celebrate.  So, I keep saying, yes!  We do!  Thinking this means a nice dinner out, or perhaps I would bake her a cake.  Last night she gets home from karate and says to me,

Carsten – I have decided that my cewebration should be a surpwise.

Me – Ok.

Carsten – Can we do it NOW?

Me – Nooooo.  It is bedtime, and also?  Doing it now?  Right after you asked me to do it now?  Would kinda ruin the surprise.

Carsten – Ok.  Well, you can just put it in my rwoom tomorwow. 

Me – You want me to put a surprise celebration in your room?

Carsten – Oh Mommy.  *sigh (said with what seemed to be a wee bit of frustration and forced patience) When I say cewebration what I weally mean is a BIG pwesent!  Wike jewerwy or a puppy.

Hahahahaha.  GAWD, doncha just LURVE her?  


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