Lookey! (stac)

Lookey!!! Jan 14, ’08 9:17 PM for Mel ‘s contacts I am surrounded by cuties!!! The girls just left, we had a great visit.  It was SO nice to see them, for both Stacey AND I!  I wished they coulda stayed overnight TOO!  

All Fall Down

All Fall Down Jan 11, ’08 6:25 PM for Mel ‘s friends, Mel ‘s family and Mel ‘s online buddies When I started blogging two years ago I did it because I needed a way to talk about my RA without making people uncomfortable… I never could have imagined that I would find the kind of … More All Fall Down

Stacey Update 1/10

Originally posted on Stacey’s blog: Update for January 10th, 2008 ~ From Mel Jan 10, ’08 5:28 PM for everyone It has been a rough couple of days for Stacey.  Chemo started back up last weekend, and she developed a fever shortly after.  They thought there was an infection in the port so they took … More Stacey Update 1/10

Late Night…

The late night blog, hope this makes sense. Jan 10, ’08 10:10 PM for Mel ‘s contacts Well, it is late for ME anyway. In case you haven’t heard… I am leaving on Sunday to go see Stacey and I will be there until the following Sunday.  I get in around five and K is … More Late Night…


ARGH! Jan 9, ’08 4:31 PM for Mel ‘s contacts My head hurts.  The reason my head hurts is six years old and her name is Carsten.  And the reason she makes my head hurt is because the majority of our conversations go like the one we just had. Carsten – How old is Jenna? (Jenna is … More ARGH!


The MRI Jan 8, ’08 1:12 PM for Mel ‘s contacts It went fine.  I overslept, but made it there on time…. even with one traffic jam. I had tremors during the procedure… so they had to do a couple parts over.  But all in all, not bad.  I wish someone had warned me about … More The MRI

Random Thoughts

My Monday Random Thoughts Jan 7, ’08 3:00 PM for Mel ‘s contacts Well, here is what the cabinet looks like in my kitchen.  It is really cute, I was happy that it was just as cute as the picture in the Craig’s List ad.  You always worry (or I do) that there is some photoshop … More Random Thoughts

The answers

  THE ANSWERS!!! Jan 6, ’08 9:34 AM for Mel ‘s contacts     HOLY QUESTIONS PEOPLE!  If you make it ALL the way through all these answers I will be AMAZED!!! Sarah (jpsboyd) – What did you decide to do about getting another puppy? Is Velcro home yet??  I think it was just puppy fever, and the … More The answers

Memory Lane

A trip down memory lane… Jan 3, ’08 7:57 AM for Mel ‘s contacts So, yesterday a couple of people sent me messages to say that it was very interesting to see old pictures of Cody and I… I hope that meant interesting GOOD not interesting BAD.  Haha.  So, anyhoodle… I thought I would scan in … More Memory Lane