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THE ANSWERS!!! Jan 6, ’08 9:34 AM
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HOLY QUESTIONS PEOPLE!  If you make it ALL the way through all these answers I will be AMAZED!!!

Sarah (jpsboyd) – What did you decide to do about getting another puppy? Is Velcro home yet??  I think it was just puppy fever, and the fever has passed.  I will wait until I have a few less pets, before getting another puppy.  No, Velcro is not home yet.  I am tentatively planning on picking him up on the weekend of January 26th.

Vonnie – 1. Did you ever do anything really dorky in your life–like something as a kid–that you look back on in horror!? Yes!  Of course!  Once when I was less than 9 yrs old, we went to a Christmas concert at my church/school.  I had a HUGE crush on this boy that played trumpet… he had a trumpet solo and I was so excited when he started playing, I could hardly contain myself.  When he stopped playing I stood up and started clapping like crazy.  But, it turns out he wasn’t done playing, he was just taking a breath. And so I was the ONLY person clapping and the whole entire church turned around and stared at me.  GAH!

If you could pick one friend to meet from your blog world that you haven’t met in real life, who would it be, where would you meet and what would you do? (And I’m not fishing for you to pick me. Pick someone OTHER than me.)  ARGH!!!  Just ONE? Ok, I have a bagillion people on my list that I really hope that I do get to meet in real life! And I think that I am going to get to meet Katie Y and Michelle (mlk1227) this month, and if Devony (mommisalami) would tell me WHEN to come visit, then I will have plans to meet her too, and Potsy keeps SAYING she is coming to visit and she just needs to get her ticket and get her ARSE here!  And there are so many others that I know I will meet, I just don’t know when… like Anne when I am back in WI and Jill (jillbiz) when I am back in KS and my friend Jill (jilltrav) that has RA too and only lives a little ways away in TN. But, the one person that I really want to meet but I have no idea when and how I will get to… is Brandi.  We talk on the phone all the time now, and I feel like I have known her my whole life, and of course there is also the fact that one of her children will be married to one of my children someday… but I just know somehow, someway we are going to figure out a way to meet, and I can’t wait!!

2. What is your favorite beauty secret/product?  Using a white highlighter pencil in the corners of my eyes, under the arch of my brow and on top of my cheek bones to brighten my face and make me look more awake.

3. What is your favorite piece of furniture in your home and why?  GAH!  So hard to choose!  I love my papasan chair and my big comfy red chair, because I sit in them all day watching tv, reading or blogging.  But I also really love my sectional that is in the family room because I always wanted one, I love the color, and it is really comfy too.  But for wood pieces of furniture it would be the huge hutch in the hallway or my piano, both because they were free and because I refinished them and made them beautiful again.

David – Who would you want to play you in a biopic about yourself? You can choose an actor who would play you at this age and later in life.  Jenna Fischer (from tv’s -The Office and in the movie Dewey Cox) because I think she is a lot like me.  Funny, cute, and average.  She isn’t drop dead gorgeous, but she can be very pretty.  And she can be very classy, but also likes to tell a dirty joke every once in a while.

Kristi – If you could trade places with 1 person for 1 day who would it be and why? Probably Angelina Jolie, because hello?  Brad Pitt!  And also, all those adorable kids, and her work as an ambassador, and just to be the most beautiful woman alive for a day, to see how that feels.

Christi (christigalloway) – If there was one person in the historical past you could sit down with to interview who would it be? And why?  This is HARD question!!  I feel like I should pick some really meaningful important person, but I can’t think of anyone from the HISTORICAL PAST that I would want to talk to… so I am going to pick someone just from the past.  I would want to sit down with one of my Grandfathers for a whole day… both of them actually.  They both died before I was born, and there are just so many things that I would want to ask.  I have always heard from my Mom that I am a lot like her Dad, so I would want to find out if I really was… because I feel like I am not like anyone else in my family.  And I have always heard that my Dad’s Dad was a lot like him, and I love my Dad to pieces, so the idea of getting to spend a day with someone that is so much like him… well it would just be fantastic.  The bad part is, a day would not be long enough.  I have always felt like I really missed out, not getting to have a Grandpa, and I wish there was a way to change that, to bring them back so I could have at least had a few years with each of them.

Kat (katts s) – If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?  Probably Spain… because I think it is beautiful and I love the Spanish language.  Barcelona, so I was close to the sea and to France.

Jill (jilltrav) – What’s worse – Physical or Mental cheating?  Gah.  Nice, Jill!  I HATE your question.  I would say physical cheating… but it would depend on the situation and why the person was cheating.

Rikki (rikkigal) – Since I am eating, I will go with a food topic. What’s your favorite sandwich and what all do you put on it?  Well, I don’t really like sandwiches… but my favorite would probably be turkey with lots of mayo and lettuce on white bread.  Or from Subway it would be a cold cut combo with extra white american and lettuce, mayo, and black olives.

Lisa (leece) – Since you’ve had children, have you worked outside of the home and if so, what did you do? I worked in a factory while BB was in college, first on an assembly line and then as a Artos Lead Cutter (we made electric motors), then after that I worked at the Post Office, first as a mail carrier and then as a clerk, since we moved here I did a little landscape design for the landscaper that built our patio.
I also know you were in the service, Army, I believe, and wondered what drew you to join and how long were you in for and what exactly did you do and where did you go? In other words, please enlighten me about your life in the service! haha…I’m gonna make you type for hours and hours again!  I was in the Army, I was an MP (military police), I joined because I wanted to be a police officer but didn’t have money for college.  I was in Alabama for school and then was a Army Reservist in Rochester, MN, then I went full time army and was stationed in Augsburg, Germany.  I was only enlisted for about three years, I got out when Cody was about five months old.How tall are you? 5’5 1/2

Anne (anney79) – 1. How is Mack doing? I need an update!!!  Mack is doing great!  He is very chubby now, looking very fuzzy and happy.  He is now enjoying some live cricket food too!  They live in his cage, in a little cricket container with smooth sides so they can’t get out, and Mack can just jump in and catch one when he wants!  Poor crickets, but good for Mack!  He is still having some issues bonding… but I just think it is going to take him a very long time to feel attached to us, because of the way they raised him and separated him from his mommy, maybe he never will be as loving as I hoped.  But, I am hoping that Velcro will change some of that, because Velcro has been raised to be around people and to want that kind of attachment and bond.  Michelle (the breeder) said that Velcro is a perfect name because he sticks to people like velcro!!
2. When are you getting velco (or ‘hook-and-loop tape’ as he calls the little guy)? The weekend of the 26th of January.

Sue (tigerlily0497) – 1. Name a food or something food related that you can just not stand and if it’s on anything or touching anything you will just not eat it!   Shrimp, or any seafood for that matter, crabcakes, crab salad, shrimp eggrolls, BLECK!

2. In your teen years…Was there something stupid that you did and didn’t get caught but if you had you would of been in trouble with the law?  Yes, there was, and I did it with Stacey… actually there were several things that I did with Stacey that were law breakers.  That is all I have to say about that.  Haha.

Trish (oootrishooo) – What form of discipline has worked best for you? I know that you have taken things away from Cody but sometimes (at least here) that doesn’t always work..ah..another quick how would you handle back talking? You have some great ideas before so i am curious as to how you handle these!  What kind of discipline I use depends on the situation, for both my kids, taking things away doesn’t work all the time.  So, sometimes I will take away priveledges, like playing with friends or getting to go somewhere with the family.  But again, it really depends on the situation… if it is a bathroom that they don’t clean?  Then they get to clean ALL the bathrooms for a week and I do all the stuff they do, towels on the floor, water on the floor, toothpaste smeared all over the counter… If it is messy room leaving their clothes all over, then they get to do the laundry.  I guess most of the time, I try to impress upon them what it feels like, how I feel when they disobey or disrespect me.  I don’t really have a problem with back talking, if it happens then I just say this conversation is over, we can talk about it more when you can be respectful.  I really make them understand the “treat me the way YOU want to be treated” rule.  I will talk back to them the way they are talking to me.  Or if one of them is being snotty to the other, for instance if Cody snaps at Carsten, then I will talk to Cody the way he is talking to her and he gets the message.  I try to always do it in a way that they understand, so it doesn’t just feel like I am bossing them around.

What is your earliest memory?  I remember what the inside of the first place I lived in looks like, specifically the stairs (and we don’t have any pictures of them that I know of) and we moved away from there when I was two.

Jen (missmagoo) – What is your favorite Movie?? (I know that’s a lame question, but I’m rushing through! and my brain isn’t too creative today!!)   GAH!  Of all time? Probably The Shawshank Redemption.

Debradiane – Have you ever spanked one of your children? Why and did it work? And that’s all I have to say about that … for now.  I would be lying if I said I NEVER spanked… but I have rarely done it.  For one, I don’t think they would learn anything except to be afraid of me, and also I think it is all intimidation – they don’t learn to respect you they learn to resent you.  But, I have spanked… in extreme situations, but I also hate doing it because it really does hurt me more than them, because of the RA in my hands.

Jill (jillsbiz) – Your first kiss…tell us about it. How old were you? Where were you? Did you kiss him? Or did he kiss you? It was a Him wasn’t it?  My first kiss was Stacey’s cousin Scott, he was three years older than me.  I was 13.  I was in the entryway of my house, he was leaving.  I don’t remember who kissed who, but I am sure he kissed me because I was TERRIFIED.  It was fantastic though, not too long or short or too much of anything (lips, tongue, spit), it was a perfect first kiss.

JourneytoAlaska – What is the best moment you can remember from your childhood?  The truth is, I don’t have one favorite moment.  I had a wonderful childhood and have so many great memories… if I had to pick just one activity, I would pick going to Minnesota Twins games with my Dad.

Michelle (mlk1227) – When you go out to eat (at places you go to regularly), do you always order the same thing or do you experiment. What are some of your favorite places to go, and what do you order at each?  I like to think I experiment, but I don’t, I find something I like and I order it every time.  I love Chili’s and I get the Mushroom Jack Fajitas, I live Chick Fil A and I get 8 nuggets and a chocolate milkshake, and I love Olive Garden and I get Chicken Parmigana.
Do you have a favorite photo of each of your children? Why are they your favorites?  No, not just one favorite… but I love all of the pictures that I have taken of them.
Do you wash your face before bed or do you go to bed with your makeup on?  I wash my face before bed and as soon as I wake up.
What do you want for your birthday?  A new ipod nano, the video ones.  Or a GPS navigational system for my car.  Or a visit from Kristi, hint-hint.  Or clothes, jewelry, or there is this cutter thing that I keep seeing an infomerrcial for that I REALLY want, and GAH!  Anything!  I love presents!
When are you planning to buy a new car and do you know what you would want to get?  Yes, I am!  I love getting a new car, and I need a bigger car.  I am leaning towards a Toyota Matrix.
What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
  Raspberry Sherbet
Who do you think will be our next President? Do you have a favorite candidate?  I don’t know who it will be, but I hope it will be John McCain.

Soph (justsoph) – If you could do any job for a day what would you want to try?  A zookeeper!

Diane (PotsyinAZ) – *If you could choose the manner of your death, what would it be?  I would chose to die in my sleep.
*A while ago in another Q&A you mentioned going back to school (and told me what you were thinking of going for); I was wondering, have you taken any steps toward that goal?  No, because I found out that not only would I need a four year degree, I would need a master’s degree too…. So, now I am thinking of going to the local community college to become a Veterinary Technician.
*Would you add one year to your life if it meant taking one year from the life of someone in the world selected at random? Would it matter if you were told whose life you had shortened?  No, I wouldn’t do that.  I think you go when you are meant to go.
*Would you enjoy spending a month of solitude in a beautiful natural setting? Food and shelter would be provided but you would not see another person.  I would enjoy that… but ONLY if it was good food and a comfy shelter, and I had access to books or something to keep my busy.  If it was just me and my thoughts?  No thanks!
*Since adolescence, in what three-year period do you feel you experienced the most personal growth and change?  That would be the first three years I was a mother, or I guess ANY three years during Cody’s lifetime… he has taught me so much about life and about myself, that there is no way I will ever be able to repay him.

Devony (mommisalami) – when are you going to answer all these questions?Sunday!  and what the hell is mental cheating? I think she means an emotional affair, as opposed to a physical affair.  and where the hell are Mia’s pants?!? Under the bed? Hanging from the light fixture?  Outside?  Ok, that is all. Oh and when the hell are you coming to drink with me on the beach?  Soon?  Idk.  I am waiting for a formal invitation, like want to come see me in March? Or something like that.  Oh, sunday you will answer questions. Why sunday?  Because then people know how long they have to think of a question, and then a bagillion people don’t ask when I will be answering them.

Benny (benyadayada) – Were you popular in High School?   Ummm, I wasn’t Homecoming Queen popular, but yes, I think I was popular.  I didn’t have just one group of friends I hung out with, I kinda traveled between all the cliques and groups.  Like at lunch I would get up to get something and end up sitting down at lots of different tables on the way back to my table, I didn’t have one set group of people that I fit in with – I fit in lots of places…  So, yes, looking back I think I was, but then it never really mattered to me if I was or not, or what people thought of me, so maybe I wasn’t?  IDK!

Chalicat (I know her first name, but she doesn’t use it here) – First: Absolutely love the color of your hair in the new picture. It’s FABULOUS!  Thanks!!
Second: How is it that on a day I’m driving home from work thinking “I think I’ll do a Whatcha Want to Know blog tonight”, and I come home and find you already did one? Now I can’t copy! Stop reading my mind! 😉
  Sorry!  But, you should still do it!  I really don’t mind when people steal my ideas, ever.  But I do like a credit…. if I am the only one doing it.
Questions: Do you have any obsessions? If so, what are they?  Errr… there isn’t enough time for ALL of them.  But, the biggest ones are:  A clean house, an organized house, tight socks, my money facing all the same way and not wrinkled, a clean car, all the shampoo bottles/body wash/face scrubs facing label out in the shower…. I could go ON and ON and ON…
How did you know you were ready to have kids?  Well, I didn’t, Cody and his brother were a surprise… I was actually on the pill when I got pregnant.  But, as for Carsten… well, the truth is you NEVER really know, you will ALWAYS have some reservations or fears, and if you are waiting for a perfect time there is NEVER a perfect time.  Do you love your partner?  Do you think you would be good co-parents?  (and you already are, of the cats) If you found out tomorrow that you were, would you wish you weren’t or would you be excited? (even if you were a little scared too)  I guess that is how you know.  If you found out tomorrow and you would wish you weren’t, then you aren’t ready yet.
Would you tell me how to use my new grill so I won’t be afraid of it? I’m terrified of that machine and its open flame.  I think the key to this operation would be to get you loosened up first, so go get a bottle of that wine from the local vineyard that you like… then it will be easier.  But first, you should watch the fiancee use it, each time getting closer and closer to the grill, until you are standing next to him while he does it.
Will you be my friend?  I already am!!  Or do you mean in real life?  Does this mean I am getting an invitation to the wedding??????

Vonnie (AGAIN) – One more: Is Chali singing the song from Mr. Rogers?  No, she isn’t… if she was she would be asking me to be her NEIGHBOR, not her friend.
Oh wait, two more: Were we really raggin’ on Leece or just giving her a hard time? (She’s asks good questions.)  I didn’t think anyone was raggin’ on her, and I told her the same thing!  She DOES ask really good questions!

Leslie (momof2girlies) – Alright, I’ve thought of a few…
1. If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?  I would change getting sick… I wish I never got RA.
2. If you could live anywhere in the world, where and why?  Probably Spain… because I think it is beautiful and I love the Spanish language.  Barcelona, so I was close to the sea and to France.
3. What is your favorite thing to cook?  Lately it has been Potsy’s pretzel chicken, with my favorite thing to eat, my hashbrown/corn flake casserole.
4. If you had 1 wish right now, what would it be? (I think I might know the answer, but I’ll ask anyway)  My wish would be to make Stacey’s leukemia go away and never come back.
5. What is your favorite feature about yourself, and why?  My eyes, because they are my Dad’s eyes.
6. If I showed up at your front door tomorrow, would you be totally freaked out? No, I would NOT be freaked out!  I would be excited!
7. What advice do you have for someone who is not well organized (not naming names) on where to begin on organizing his or her closets? Are label makers a must? Do you do out of state jobs?  No, label makers are not a must.  I would say, start small, one closet at a time.  Make piles, things you want to keep and things you don’t use – my rule is if I haven’t used it in a year, I don’t need it.  Then get things to help you STAY organized, baskets or plastic containers.  And YES!  I do out of state jobs!
8. Are you planning on having any more children? and Why?  No, I’m not.  My husband had a vasectomy about five years ago.  I had such difficult pregnancies both times, and it was so hard to not take any medicine for my RA while I was trying to get pregnant and then pregnant that it is really not a good idea to have any more children. After Carsten I was pretty much told to not ever do it again.  But, I really, REALLY wish I could have at least one more.  L
9. Do you prefer milk chocolate or dark chocolate?  Milk Chocolate – ALL THE WAY! I don’t like dark chocolate at all.
10. Do you ever get that occasional pimple, and what do you use to get rid of it? (Although your complexion is PERFECT!)  I do, I have NO idea why you think my complexion is perfect because it ISN”T!!  I squeeze, even though you aren’t supposed to, and then I use a prescription cream on the spot.
11. What is your favorite cleaning product and why?  Pine Sol, because I love the way it smells.  Though I also love OXY Clean anywhere spray because it works ANYWHERE and also smells good, and also the Swifter Wet Jet Floor Cleaner because I love not having to use a mop bucket and it works so well and smells so good too!  I REALLY love cleaning supplies, can you tell?  haha
12. Do you use fabric softener, dryer sheets or both? (I think you had this one back in the 360 days and you said both?!) Just refresh me (and your clothes LOL) BOTH!  I actually use all the old dryer sheets until they are basically falling apart and a new one each time, and the little dispenser in the washer is filled as full as it can be!  I LOVE my clothes to smell good!
13. Would you ever change your first name?  No, I love my first name.  Which is actually Melisa, not Mel.  But my family has always called me Mel, because I am named after my Grandpa Melvin.  So, if I did change it, it would be to just Mel.  But some people close to me do call me Melisa, and I like that a lot too.
14. Is there one movie you could watch over and over and never get sick of it? If so, what one?  YES!  One of them in Napolean Dynamite.  I could also watch a lot of the kids movies over and over again, like Madagascar and The Incredibles.

Tonya (tonyasplace) – 1. Did you ever get Cody to quit reading during class? LOL Yes!  He did stop reading during class, mostly it was his doing not mine.  I guess I finally got through to him and all his teachers have reported that it isn’t a problem anymore.
2. What’s your favorite meal to cook?  Lately it has been Potsy’s pretzel chicken, with my favorite thing to eat, my hashbrown/corn flake casserole.
3. Are you more a morning person or a night owl?  A night owl that goes to bed early?  Haha.  I hate mornings, so I am NOT a morning person.  But I rarely stay up past midnight, so I guess I am neither?

Jenny (jennyro1) – What are your favorite toppings on a pizza? Mushrooms and Black Olives!
Do you have a memory box?  Yes, I do, more than one actually!  I have one that has things from when Cody was a baby, his preemie pacifier, his preemie diaper and some things from Germany. I also have one with newspapers from the day the kids were born, and other important days, like articles from papers the day after September 11th.
What is your biggest pet peeve?  GAH!  I have so many!  Probably the one that happens MOST often is bad drivers… old people driving slow.  The other day while driving I actually said, JESUS! Is Friday old people’s day out?!?!  GAAAAAAAH!!!

Lisa (leece) AGAIN – Do you work out? If so, what do you do exercise wise? Cardio? Weights? Both? And no, typing blogs does not count! That’s only working out your fingers!  I don’t work out on a regular basis.  I should for my Fibro, but exercise makes my RA worse, because of all the permanent nerve damage I have, any kind of physical activity usually results in LOTS of pain… so I can only exercise when I am feeling really good, and even then only a little bit.  So, when I can… I use my Dance Dance Revolution or I have an exercise ball that I do sit ups on, and I also do a little yoga/pilates with my yoga mat and some yoga/pilates shows I dvr.  Mostly I am just thin because it is in my genes, my mother is wee tiny and I guess I take after her.

Sarah (jpsboyd) – Where are the questions from your sisters at?? Did you not send them this blog??  I don’t know where they are at!  Cara (sam) doesn’t get online very much anymore, she can usually only check blogs during down time at work or when she goes to the library, so maybe she hasn’t seen it.  Kristen is in Mexico right now.  And I don’t know where Julie is at… but that is ok!  She asks embarassing questions!

Sue (tigerlily0497) – I have another..I don’t think anyone asked but it’s becoming a blurr…lol…How is you RA doing? Are your meds still helping? I don’t recall you saying anything lately so I was just curious.  I am not doing too great right now… it is about time for another infusion of my big medicine, so I am hoping as soon as I get that I will feel better.  But, until then I am having a hard time, especially at night.  My hips, shoulders, hands and elbows have been so bad in the night lately I have woke up crying.  It kinda sucks.  I am taking even more pain meds now than I ever have and it seems like I am not taking any at all sometimes.  But this happens to me a lot and I am used to it… I just haven’t talked about it much here lately.

Karen (silverymoon67) – 1. are you doing anything to be green? I don’t mean the color! lol I mean do you recycle or have you changed out your light bulbs. Tell me what you do to help save our planet. I do recycle now, including turning my bags back in to Wal-Mart!  Because Kristi shamed me into it, her and her crazy recycling made me feel really bad about throwing everything away, but it is hard to recycle here in my city, I am pretty much in the minority by recycling and they don’t make it very easy to do.  And I have been changing out my lightbulbs as they die.  And I also have a compost pile and compost all food and lots of paper that I used to throw away.
2. do you do your own house cleaning or do you have someone come in and clean for you?  I do my own cleaning.  If I was rich I would hire someone, because I hate cleaning bathrooms.
3. If you could meet one person who was famous who would it be? and why? Jack Nicholson, because I am completely and totally obsessed with him.
4. What is the one thing that you think we need to change in the USA and why? UGH!  Hard question!  I guess it would be figure out a way to deal with illegal immigration.  There has to be a solution, so that there aren’t as many people sneaking into the country, and I feel bad for the children that are born to illegal immigrants.  I read a newspaper article recently about how poorly illegal immigrants are treated by their employers, and it made me so sad.  It sounded like something you would expect from a sweatshop in a third world country, I was shocked that it happens all over the US and A LOT of it happens right here, in the state I live in.

Kim (kiminva) – What is the one thing your husband does that drives you nuts? One thing?  Hahahahaha!  Ok, here is one thing – he cracks his knuckles, then his neck, then his back….  Grrrrrr!  I give him a dirty look when he cracks his knuckles and he STILL cracks the other stuff.  It is like fingernails on a chalkboard for me!  EEP!
What is the one thing your kids do that drives you nuts?
  Hmmmm… they talk a lot? It takes them 5 mins to tell me something that should take them 10 seconds to tell me.
I like things in order but they never stay that way. What’s the one thing that you can’t stand to be out of order?  Money in my wallet… it has to be all facing the same way (faces forward), no upsidedown bills, no wrinkled bills, and increments from least to most.  Next it would probably be my shoes.  Then my whole entire house.  Haha!

Congratulations!!! You did it!!! You made it to the end of the answers!!!


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