Memory Lane

A trip down memory lane… Jan 3, ’08 7:57 AM
for Mel ‘s contacts

So, yesterday a couple of people sent me messages to say that it was very interesting to see old pictures of Cody and I… I hope that meant interesting GOOD not interesting BAD.  Haha.  So, anyhoodle… I thought I would scan in a few more pictures, so all of you can see how both Cody and I have grown.  It is actually kinda scary to me, to see what I looked like when he was a baby.  I remember back then I used to get upset about how people would stare at me when I was out with him, but looking back, I think I got stared at because I looked like I was about 14 years old!!  YIKES!  It was fun to look back at all the pictures, I don’t do that often.  I kinda cringe at some of the pictures, YIKES AGAIN! But I am showing you all anyway, because I think we have both changed SO much!

This is the very first picture of us together… he is seven days old and I am 19.  I know you can’t see him very well… but he was SO tiny.  He lost a little weight after he was born, so in this picture he was about 3 pounds.

Cody at 6 weeks… Mel – 19

Cody – 4 months… Mel – 20

Cody – 6 months…. Mel – 20

Cody – Two…  Mel – 21

Cody – Three… Mel – 22

Cody – Four… Mel – 23… Murphy -2

Cody – six  Me – pregnant with Carsten

Cody – six… Carsten – 12 weeks… Me-  26

Cody when he was about eight….

Here is us now….


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