Random Thoughts

My Monday Random Thoughts Jan 7, ’08 3:00 PM
for Mel ‘s contacts

Well, here is what the cabinet looks like in my kitchen.  It is really cute, I was happy that it was just as cute as the picture in the Craig’s List ad.  You always worry (or I do) that there is some photoshop involved in the pictures people post.

We added wheels to it so I could push it out of the way if I needed too, and I think it is a little too tall now.  So, I think we will have to take the wheels off, cut the legs down and put the wheels back on.  But, anyway… it is very cute, and I like it a lot.  The color actually ended up being an exact match to a corner hutch I have in the dining room.  I got the corner hutch at an antique store a few years ago and painted it myself, so it is pretty cool that they match.


Today I went to the VA, to the out patient clinic for a blood draw… it was for my MRI, which is tomorrow.  I got there are about 11 and pulled a number from the doo-hickey.  I was #68, a few mins later they called the next number…… #15.  GAH.  Good thing I brought a book, because I was there for three hours before they called my number, and then I gave one tube of blood.  Nice.  Did I mention I had to drive an hour to get there too?  An hour drive and a three hour wait for ONE. TUBE. OF. BLOOD.  Also I am afraid to make eye contact with anyone while I am there.  Because the clinic is always crawling with lecherous, creepy old men, who stare at me and try to engage me in weird conversations.  I always get winked at at least once, and the chair next to me is NEVER empty.  I always feel icky dirty when I leave there… ever seen those cartoons were there is a wolf with a bib holding a knife and a fork and he is staring at a little tiny chicken, and the chicken is talking and the wolf looks at the chicken and instead of seeing a chicken he sees a wee tiny steak talking to him?  Yeah…. like that.

Anyway… tomorrow I have to be there at 8 and it is a little over an hour drive, and I am worried that I will hit some rush hour traffic. So, I will probably leave a few mins after 6, which means I will get up at 5.  EW!  And I am worried about the MRI…. I am a wee bit claustrophobic.  GACK!

My parents are coming to visit!  Did I mention that?  They will be here February 4th until the 9th.  I haven’t seen them since last summer… and they haven’t been here since October of 06.  I am super excited… it will be SO nice to see them.  And my Mom coming to visit means lots of shopping and eating out at yummy places, and adult conversation!  Weeeeeeeeeee!

Ok… that is all of my random thoughts for today, lucky you!


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