Late Night…

The late night blog, hope this makes sense. Jan 10, ’08 10:10 PM
for Mel ‘s contacts

Well, it is late for ME anyway.

In case you haven’t heard… I am leaving on Sunday to go see Stacey and I will be there until the following Sunday.  I get in around five and K is picking me up.  I am going to try to stay at the hospital with her, if my frickin RA will allow me to sleep on the pull out bed in her room.  Too bad I can’t pack my memory foam mattress pad and pillow.  I may try to jam my pillow into some luggage.  If I can’t sleep there despite increasing my pain meds, and if I can’t convince the nurses to give ME morphine shots too, then I will stay at Stac’s house or with Mandi.  I hope I am able to stay in the room with her though.

I will leave the hospital every night at around 6pm (when K gets there) and then come back at about 10pm (when K goes home.)  So, I am hoping that I will get to see Mandi, Rikki, and Michelle while I am in town.  You can’t hide from me girls!  I will goggle your addresses!

You know what is a ginormous cooincidence?  This is the week I was supposed to leave for the cruise with Kristi, but then cancelled the trip when things got bad here at home.  So, how weird is it that the week Stac needs me the most just happens to be the week that I would have been otherwise occupied?  I would have felt so crappy going away for a cruise, knowing she was feeling bad… and while the last few weeks I have been crying a lot about not getting to go, now I feel like it was meant to be.  Kristi is going to have a great time whether or not I am there… but I think Stacey really needs me.  And I hope I can help her feel better. 

On a serious note… how am I going to make her feel better?  I want to do all that I can to help…….. any advice?

Oh SNAP!  Do I have a coat warm enough for MN weather?  I knew there was a good reason I was searching knit sweater boots last week, dammit, I should have listened to my inner eye!

My sister Cara is picking me up on Saturday morning and I am going to spend the day with her.  I get to see her house in MN, where she has lived for a LONG time now and I have never been there.  I hope she has LOTS of extra blankets, because the hospital has a blanket warmer, but I am pretty sure she doesn’t.

Good night!


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