Right about now…

Right About Now… *edited* Jan 21, ’08 6:58 AM
for Mel ‘s contacts

….Stacey’s first doctor of the day should be coming in the room to wake her up.  In a few hours they will be taking Stac down to her bone marrow biopsy.  The procedure should start at about nine or nine thirty.  We are hoping for a % of Leukemic cells that are under 5%.  Two weeks ago she was at 8% and then had three more days of chemo (at a highly concentrated level.)  Platelets were at 20,000 yesterday, so that is encouraging.  So, get on those knees people!  And pray that the biopsy goes well.

I am home again…. reluctantly.  I had a safe and uneventful flight yesterday.  I wish I was still there with Stac… I miss her so much.  I had fun with my sisters and my niece (we hung out at Mall of America) and my kids were happy to see me when I got home.  I am still feeling…. meh.  I am hoping after I call Stac 15 times today, I will feel a little better.  Haha.


It went fine this morning.  Uneventful.  They let her have conscious sedation again… so that is good, because it lessens her anxiety.  Since she doesn’t have the morphine pump anymore, she is feeling really sore so they have been giving her Benedryl in her iv so that she rests.

Her counts were all down again today.  Platelets are at 10, hemoglobin is at 7 and her white count was also 7.  So, she got three transfusions today (two of them were her Mom’s platelets) and she also got two blood transfusions.

The doctor said that there might be preliminary results in tonight, so I will call her again before I fall asleep and update then if I find out anything.


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