Carsten has an allergy

Carsten has a new allergy… Jan 29, ’08 10:50 AM
for Mel ‘s friends, Mel ‘s family and Mel ‘s online buddies

My daughter announced this morning that she is allergic to deer heads hanging on walls.  You know what is a wee tiny coincidence?!?!  I am TOO!  My older sister has several of them hanging in her house and I SWEAR that their eyes watch me as I walk around.  But I have never said that in front of Carsten… apparently I didn’t need to, she inherited my aversion to creepy dead animal heads.  Or maybe?  She inherited my ability to invent convenient allergies?

Her new little playmate in our neighborhood has some hanging in her house, and Carsten seriously thinks that if she tells her friend’s parents that she is allergic to them, they will remove them from their house.  I am waiting to see if it works, because if it does, it will make visiting my sister a WHOLE LOT EASIER.  I am also very glad she warned me about the neighbor’s dead heads, because it would have been kinda awkward if I was screaming the first time I was invited into their house.

I never understood the head on the wall mentality.  I am really proud of myself when I kill a spider, but I don’t mount it on the wall.  Maybe I should?  That reminds me, I need to ask my sister when she is planning to visit.  Mwahahahahaha!

Gawd.  I am totally going to have nightmares about animal heads tonight.  Which would probably be a relief, since I have been dreaming about having cartoon characters residing in my pocket, and the cartoon and I shopping for an outfit to wear to a baseball game (in the snow) and the store has no power, and being HIGHLY upset that my clothes won’t match.  WTH?  This draws the question:  How do blind people pick out their clothes?



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