Survey says….

Who HASN’T done this one? Jan 31, ’08 11:02 AM
for Mel ‘s contacts


I can NO longer resist!  haha!

One of those fun surveys we all take part of! This is for your entire life:

Smoked a cigarette: Yes.  I started smoking in highschool and have occasionally in the years since then.  Usually only when around a bad influence (Abby! haha) but I haven’t smoked now, for a loooooooong time.

Drank so much you threw up: Yes.  Gawd how I wish I could say NO to this question.

Crashed a friend’s car: NO!  Yay me!

Stolen a car: Define stolen.
Been in love: Yes
Been dumped: Yes.  There were a few stupid men who let me get away.
Shoplifted: Yes, early in highschool.  I actually stole a keychain for a boyfriend, and you DON’T want to know what it said.  *Blush  Ok, maybe you do.  Here is a clue to what the keychain said: it involved a banana and a pocket.  HA!
Been laid off/fired: Yes.  From my first EVER job.  A-holes.
Quit your job: Yes!  I have quit EVERY job after my first job!  I quit them before they could quit me!
Been in a fist fight: Ummm… does hair pulling count?  Or is that a CAT fight, not a fist fight?
Snuck out of your parent’s house: Yes.  (sorry Mom)
Had feelings for someone who didn’t have them back: Yes, but you would know that if you had read my ex-boyfriend blog.

Been arrested: Nope!  YAY ME!!!!
Gone on a blind date: Yuppers.  Once.  And that was enough to learn to never try it again.
Lied to a friend: Only when I thought it was absolutely neccessary… does that make it better?
Skipped school: Yes.  I did that A LOT actually… and then came home early and got the mail before my Mom did, so I could intercept the notice from the school.  Gah.  I am totally going to pay for that during the teen years of my children, aren’t I?
Seen someone die: No.
Been to Canada: Yes!  I LURVE Canada!  Eh?
Been to Mexico: No… adding this to my list though!  Isn’t Mexico the birthplace of Tequila?  Mmmm!
Been on a plane: Yes.
Been lost: Errrr… only everytime I drive somewhere new.  Which means I will be getting lost tomorrow evening.  AGAIN.
Been on the opposite side of the country: Yes!!
Gone to Washington, DC: I want to!  To visit Empress Pam!

Swam in the ocean: Just last year!  I have before that too, but I didn’t remember the water stinging like that.  WTH ocean?  Why do you want to hurt me?
Felt like dying: If I am honest?  Yes.  When I am doing bad (RA) then it is something I tend to think about a lot.
Cried yourself to sleep: Another one I wish I could say no too… but I have.  As recently as this last week.
Played cops and robbers: Of course!  Actually my version was more like corrupt cop blackmails the robbers.
Recently colored with crayons: Yes!  And markers! And paints!
Sang karaoke: I will NEVER do this!  (you should thank me for that)
Paid for a meal with only coins: Not a meal, but once my Dad and I went joy-riding not realizing neither brought a wallet and almost ran out of gas and had to search his car for change.  I paid while he stayed outside and wheezy laughed at me.
Done something you told yourself you wouldn’t: Yes.  The biggest battle I have daily is with MYSELF.
Made prank phone calls: Yes!  In fact, last night, I threatend to call Austin’s (cody’s bff) Mom and use Chalicat’s Lollipop prank call on her, since HE (Austin) prank called ME yesterday!
Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose: Yes. Kristi makes me do this often.

Caught a snowflake on your tongue: Yes!  *sigh  I miss living up north.
Danced in the rain: Danced?  Yes!  Slid through puddles!  You betcha!  But never kissed in the rain.  😦
Written a letter to Santa Claus: Yes!  And he never did bring me that pony.
Been kissed under the mistletoe: Yes!
Watched the sun rise with someone you care about: Wow.  Nope.  I haven’t ever watched the sun set with someone I care about either.  My life suddenly seems very sad.
Blown bubbles: I am the self-proclaimed Queen of BUUUBBLES!
Made a bonfire on the beach: Does it count if it is a man-made beach in front of a pond in KS?  If yes, then YES!
Crashed a party: Oh yeah baby! That was my hobby in high school!!!
Gone roller-skating: Yes!  I LURVE roller skating, and I am GOOD at it!  I can go fast, turn while going fast AND skate backwards!!   Shut up.  I KNOW you are impressed.
Gone Ice-skating: Yes!  My Dad used to go ice fishing and shovel off a path for us to skate, or I would walk to my grade school and skate, and a few times we even tried to make a place to skate in our yard.  I even taught my sisters to skate, and one of them went on to get a scholarship to play Hockey and still coaches Hockey!  Your welcome Cara!


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