Monday Thoughts

  Oct 7, ’07 11:24 PM
for Mel ‘s contacts
 1. My gums are getting better… I am still not back to normal though. All of the meds I take for my RA suppress my immune system and they make it harder for me to heal. I still can’t chew in the back, where it sores are… and I am still SO, SO, SOOOOOOO hungry for a cheeseburger.

2. Did I mention that I got chosen as the Room Mom for Carsten’s class this year? Our first party is this Friday, it is a Fall party. I am so nervous because I have never been a Room Mom before, and I am afraid I will screw up. Carsten’s teacher is a first year teacher too… I was asking her questions and I admitted to her that I was nervous and she said, Look at it this way… I probably won’t even know if you screw up!

3. Today is a holiday? Why do so many holidays fall on a Monday. I remember when I worked at the Post Office I LOVED Monday holidays, since it was the ONLY time we got a two day weekend. Now I HATE Monday holidays… I look forward to the goodies the mail lady brings everyday.

4. So,… Cody is doing better at school. No more detentions yet. There is a new school policy this year, and if I am reading it right, if the student gets so many detentions (I think it was 6 or 7 per 9 week session) then the parents have to have an overnight detention with the child. GAH! WTH?

5. We put up new blinds in the sun room this weekend. We went over a year without them, because I love the view of the pond. There are 8 windows in there… when we priced out custom roman shades for that room they were $400 a piece! OMG! Who pays THAT much for window treatments? We went with bamboo blinds instead, I think that they look really, REALLY nice, and they were just $30 a piece. Totally changes the look of that room. And even when they are half way down I can still see the patio and the pond! YAY!


6. Remember the poison plant? That thing is HAPPY to be alive. Never in ALL the years I have seen them planted, in my mom’s yard and in other yards in KS, have I seen them grow THIS tall. They are taller than my freakin house!



7. I have all my Fall decorations up… and every year I SWEAR I remember having more. I need more cute witches and black cats! STAT! I did get FOUR pumpkins from the pumpkin seed that sowed itself in my compost pile! YAY!

8. Carsten is making me teach her how to jump rope. Jumping rope is WAAAAAAAAAY harder than I remember!

9. My big doggie Starr turned seven years old this summer. That is ANCIENT for a Saint Bernard. She is completely deaf now, can’t even hear a car horn honk two feet from her head. I am so scared that she doesn’t have much time left. 😦 She is the best doggie I have EVER had.


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