G-pa Day


Effin Grandparent’s Day Sep 12, ’07 11:28 PM
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So, every year Carsten’s school has Grandparent’s Day. I HAAAAAAAAAATE Grandparent’s Day. For those of you who don’t know…. I am not from South Carolina, so we have no family here. Not one single person within a thousand miles.

On Grandparents Day all the kids have their grandparents visit the classroom, and since almost everyone here was born and raised here, almost all the kids have grandparents that can attend. Last night Carsten told me she was the only kid in the class that didn’t have a grandparent coming. I thought she was exaggerating believe her, so I went to ask her teacher this morning, and yup. She is the only child with a grandparent attending. She is sooooooooooooo SAD about it. When the teacher confirmed what Carsten said, the look on her little face about broke my heart.

One of her friends has NINE grandparents coming. Errrrrrrrrr…. how the HELL is that possible? Gah. I know, it is probably great-grandparents, or a divorced family, and if I was a wonderful person I would be all, oh how very nice for sweet little Betty that she has NINE grandparents. But, I feel more like, STUPID Betty, I bet she is PAYING people to PRETEND to be her grandparents! NINE GRANDPARENTS?!?!?! Ha! Yeah, right!

So, anyhoodle. I asked her teacher this morning if it would be all right if I come, so Carsten doesn’t feel left out. And she said she guessed it would be. And I said, errrrr, you GUESS it would be? That doesn’t sound very positive.

And she said, oh, well, for Grandparents day we go to the library and read a story with Mrs. Ray. *Raised eyebrow. Wink. Wink.*

OMG, Internets! Do you remember who Mrs. Ray is? Mrs. Ray is the Book Nazi!! The Bad Cop of the Library. The woman I am afraid will yell at me for BREATHING wrong.

Ugh. I must REALLY love Carsten. Because I am going to Grandparents Day. And I am not wearing a disguise. Even though I considered it.

And there is a good chance Mrs. Ray will beat the crap out of me. What? I am not exaggerating either! She is SCARY!

Did I mention I HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE Grandparent’s Day?


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