Some thoughts and the most adorable picture EVER. Sep 11, ’07 11:50 PM
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  • Mack is getting SO much more tame/bonded to me. He doesn’t make the freaked out chirpy noise at me anymore, submits to being pet and handled, and only freaks when he hears other noises. For instance, the sound of the camera hitting the desk as I put it down after taking the most adorable picture EVER.

  • GAH! Cuddling him is like therapy. OMG! Lightbulb moment! Maybe Mack can be a Service Sugar Glider…. like dogs! Make people happy by petting him. Wait. Do you think old people would freak out at a flying squirrel? Maybe that isn’t such a great idea, after all.
  • You may have noticed I posted a blast and blog about not feeling well this morning, and then later removed them both. I have issues. I have never denied that. I don’t want things to move into pity OR awkward territory. I know there are only so many times that people can say “hope you feel better soon!” before YOU ALL get tired of saying it. And you all are so very sweet. I don’t know. Avoidance and isolation are two ways I have always dealt with being sick. When I start feeling bad…. I try to push people away. I would like to say it is to protect them, and sometimes it is, but more often it is to protect me. It isn’t fun to have someone in your life, that demands your support so often, I get that. That doesn’t make it easy when a relationship moves into, yah, this is more than I can handle territory.I guess what I am trying to say is, I understand if people don’t know what to say. And, some days I can be real open about things, and some days I just can’t. I apologize for my wishy-washyness.
  • That being said, I called the pharmacy and my rx’s were mailed out on Sept. 4th. So, they should be here soon. They should be here already, but yesterday I got ALL the wrong mail in my mail box, so THAT might be part of the problem. I have left messages at neighbors houses, asking if they got my mail. And I am hoping it will be here today.
  • Between getting the wrong mail AND the package I sent to Mandi getting lost/stolen/never arriving…. I am REALLY starting to HATE the post office. Which is something I never thought I would do. I worked there for two years, as a clerk and a carrier, and it was my favorite job ever. So, I kinda thought I would always be loyal to the USPS. Errrrr…. I don’t feel that way anymore.
  • Did I mention I am on the PTO at Carsten’s school? We have a meeting tonight… a meeting I was looking forward to but now that I feel like shat, I am not. With the leftover budget the PTO gets to decide what teacher requests to grant. Teachers all put in requests for equipment/supplies that are not provided to them, and we get to decide who gets what. This year we have $30,000 to divy up. I hope I feel better by tonight, so I at least contribute a little to the decision making process.
  • Cody starts Academic Challenge practice again tonight. Remember last year? He was on the team, they study all year for a quiz bowl like competition. Well, it turns out he is automatically on the team again this year, and he doesn’t have to take that LONG test again to make the team. He is super excited. That is one of the things I like about him most, that he isn’t embarassed to do things he loves. He is athletic, a wee bit alternative, a wee bit preppy, a ladies man, and ALSO a geek. He doesn’t let anyone put him in a category. Which is something I like to think is true about myself too.
  • Here are a few more pics of Mack! Just because he is EFFIN’ ADORABLE!

Mack Mack

Have a fantastic day Internets!


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