Going camping…. Sep 21, ’07 11:56 PM
for Mel ‘s contacts
 Hi-ho, hi-ho, a camping we will go…. We aren’t going far away this weekend, just in case it is a complete disaster. We will be camping at the state park where we went swimming so often this summer.

The camper is packed with all the neccessary camping items, hot dogs, smore makings, bug spray, flashlights, etc…. Since I didn’t know if it would be nice enough to swim, I also packed some board games: Battleship, Fact or Crap, and Operation!

~ So, here is the ginormous beast of a camper, I named him Norman. ~


~ Here is the bedroom, where I will be roughing it by laying in bed and watching tv. ~

bedroom bedroom

~ The Bathroom was hard to take a picture of, use your imagination! ~


~ There are two big closets across from the bathroom, with door length mirrors on the outside, and shelves, drawers and rods for hanging clothes in the inside. ~

closet with mirrors!

~ The dining room ~

dining room

~ The front seats, with a built in tv between, and if you look above the driver’s seat there is a tiny tv, can you see it? That broadcasts images from the back up camera, so you can see what is behind you! ~

built in tv!

~ Here are views from both directions in the camper. ~

kitchen, living room, driver's seats view from front of camper

We still have a lot of work to do to the camper. We have new hunter green carpet to install throughout the entire camper, and I’m planning to re-cover/reupolster the driver’s seat, passenger’s seat, the two chairs in the living room, the dining room benches and the couch and cushions. It all looks like it will be pretty simple, it is just going to take a looooooooong time. So, consider these the “before” pictures of the camper!

Soooooo, have a nice weekend everyone! I will catch up with everyone when we get back! Toodles!


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