Monday, Monday Sep 30, ’07 11:41 PM
for Mel ‘s contacts

Why does there have to be teacher inservice? Somebody please tell me why. The children are driving me nuts today. Cody is grounded, so he is moping around, whining about boredom. Carsten eats 75 times a day. She already had breakfast and two snacks, and is ALREADY ready for lunch.

This morning I have already done two loads of wash, vacuumed the house, unplugged a toilet, and played “shopping center” with Carsten TWICE. Usually I am just relaxing with Dr. Phil.


Anyway… I ordered my Halloween costume this weekend. I am going to be a fairy with Carsten.

That is a kinda ugly woman in the picture… just ignore her and imagine me there!

Tomorrow I have to have gum surgery. I have a wee tiny mouth and have problems with my gums growing up over the top of my back bottom teeth. Sooooooo, I am going to go have the gums “electrosurged” off of my teeth. It is gonna hurt. I am NOT looking forward to it. The ONLY good part is that I will have an excuse to eat nothing but chocolate milkshakes for a week!


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