was HOT as H*LL here today! Aug 7, ’07 11:58 PM
for Mel ‘s contacts

So, we decided to go to a state park about 25 mins away… that I had heard had a nice beach. And it did! Woot! It was over 100 degrees by the time we got there at noon, and the beach was PACKED!

The packed beach!  SO many people!

NOT! WTH? Southerners don’t swim in lakes? Or just not this lake?

Fine with me though! It was like our own private beach… for a few hours at least. Then some classy southerners showed up… but more about that later!

Sooooo…. we had a FUN time! First we had a picnic… and this picture is why I USUALLY always take more than one picture of each pose. What an unfortunate picture for Cody. Yikes!



Then we started swimming! The water was really clear, and the beach was so nice and CLEAN! Woot!

Cody giving CL a ride. What a poser!

Sitting on the beach In the water!

There were cute little fish everywhere! So we fed them some chip crumbs, in an effort to convince Carsten that they were not going to eat her. I guess my educational speech on the piranhas at the aquarium last week was a bit much?

Fish! A wee fishy

ANYHOOO! We stayed for almost FOUR hours! But after about the second hour? A redneck family showed up… a mom with a interesting hair-do (bottom half of her head shaved, top half in a pony tail) and her seventeen kids. NAUGHTY KIDS. And she spent the next two hours screaming, “JoEllen Marie Ralene!!!!!!!! YOU go*da*n f!#king stop that NOW! OR I am FIXIN’ to get a mother-f$&^ng switch off that there tree!” It made the day very interesting. Carsten’s eyes were like a moth to a flame. She could NOT stop staring at them. Good times!


It was such a fun time I think we might go back tomorrow! It is supposed to be triple digits tomorrow too!

Cody, Cara, and CL


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