The Beach!


The Beach Aug 5, ’07 11:29 PM
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 We got there Friday night… did a little shopping at an outlet mall. Then checked into the hotel and took a walk on the beach….

WI 081 WI 080

The kids were giddy happy, couldn’t wait to get in the ocean. It was starting to get dark though, and I admit it, I was starting to get cold. So, we went to sleep, and planned an early start for the next morning.

This was the view from our room on the 14th (YIKES) floor!

WI 079 view from our room

So, the next morning we went to the beach, rented an umbrella and some chairs and spent the whole morning frolicking around in the water, building sand castles, and getting some sun. I almost fell asleep a few times, but then Carsten would “help” me by “rinsing off sand” with a refreshing bucket full of cold ocean water. I was so grateful. NOT. But don’t worry, I pretended like I was.

WI 085 WI 083

WI 088

Cody was body boarding all morning…. I didn’t get any pictures of it though, because he spent A LOT of the time submerged UNDER the waves.

That night we went to Medival Times, a medival dinner show, where you eat with your hands and watch knights battle. You sit in colored sections, and cheer for the knight that is wearing your color. Our knight was the green knight, and it was REALLY no problem cheering for him. Because? He was the cutest knight!

The Green Knight

At one point Carsten yelled out, “GREEN KNIGHT!!!!! My name is CARRRRRRRSTEN!!!” So then I yelled out, “GREEN KNIGHT!! My name is Melissssssssssssssssssa!” It must have worked, because later? When he won a competition and was given a carnation to throw to the audience? He threw it to us!

With my carnation
It was a really fun time… if you ever get a chance to go to Medival Times, I highly reccommend it. They have yummy margaritas too!

Medival Nights

The next day we walked on the beach one last time…

beach sunday morning CL's feet

we didn't want to leave Beach

It was really hard to leave…

We went to a place called Broadway on the Beach before leaving town… it was about the coolest place ever. Shops and restaurants and attractions, all with little boardwalks across water. It was very VERY hot. We almost climbed into a fountain.

Fountain Fountain

After some shopping we went to Ripley’s Aquarium. I LOVED the horseshoe crabs! They let you pick them up! Which I did! MANY! MANY! TIMES!

Horseshoe crab Horseshoe Crab

It's belly! Picking up a crab

They had this neat part where you stood on a moving sidewalk thingey and it took you threw the aquarium! I loved that part! Because I hate all the pushy people and the people that stand too long in one spot and don’t let anyone else see. So, here are a few pictures from that part. Sharks overhead! GAH!

Shark! Sharks!


This was our favorite fish!


And then? My favorite part of all… the stingrays! Don’t worry, they have their barbs removed, so no danger! We were here forever… trying to touch them, which I did a couple of times, they feel like jello! The family had to drag me away.

stingrays! stingrays!

I really wish we had more time at the beach… Carsten was way disappointed to not be able to swim in the ocean more times. I hope we will get to go back soon!


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