The rest of the weekend…. Jul 31, ’07 11:12 PM
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 We the vacation to WI seemed like it was over as soon as it started. I could have spent DAYS hanging out with Stacey, Rikki, Mandi, Michelle and their kids. However fun and beautiful they all seem in their blogs, they are even BETTER in person. The whole morning I felt a mixture of happiness and sadness, it was so fun to hang out with all of them, to meet people in person and feel like you already know them. And to know that they know almost everything about ME and still like me! Wow! But, as soon as it started I was worried about how fast time was going by, how I would have to leave so soon. Ugh. I wish we all lived closer together!

Group Photo

Just the ladies Mel and Ally

After the 360 get-together I was off to a pool party at my sister Kristen’s house. It was sooooooooo fun. I wish I had a pool like hers in MY backyard! But, sorry. No pool pictures, my sisters prohibited all photo taking while swimsuits were on.

But, after swimming and dinner, we did take some fuzzy pool hair pictures.

Kristen and Mel:

Mel and Kristen

Mel and Cara

Melisa and Cara

Cara and Julie:

Cara and Julie

Kristen and Cara:

Cara and Kristen

I wish SO BADLY I had a video of my sister Cara flopping into the pool. Kristen and her husband Matt do a somersault/flip thingey off of the diving board, and Cara was trying it too. The first two times she did the flip, then the next two times after that she panicked in midair and did this running thing and then landed flat on her face/stomach. I don’t think I have EVER laughed that hard. Everytime I even THOUGHT about it the rest of the night, I would laugh until my sides hurt.

Anyway, here is all 4 of us, we haven’t taken a group photo like this in YEARS:


So, now it is back to normal life. I have a house to clean, a bag to unpack, and then bags to pack, because we are off to the beach this weekend!


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