15 Year Class Reunion


My Reunion Jul 29, ’07 11:11 PM
for Mel ‘s friends and Mel ‘s family

The night started out with Stac picking me up. We drove over to the bar where our reunion was being held, and Stac emptied out her purse of unneccessary items, to make room for her camera. And lookey what she had in her purse, she says the teeth belong to her kids, but I said, yeah. Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure they do.


So, most of the evening consisted of repeating how many kids I had, where I lived, what I had been doing since high school, and LOTS and LOTS of drinking.

One of the first people we were HAPPY to see, was my high school BF, Mary Nell.

Mary and Stacey Mel, Stac, Mary

I was happy to see my locker partner of 6 years, Matt. Who is still a sweet little guy, not married for any of those single still looking ladies out there! And he is a 1st grade teacher, how adorable is that?

Mel and Matt

There was Lance, Stac’s cousin, and my ride to school for two years (in the green shirt) and also my very tall friend Andy.

Lance and Stac Lance, Mel and Andy

My ex BIL crashed the reunion, to his credit, there were OTHER patrons of the bar that were not classmates of mine, but my BIL did hang out with my classmates most of the evening.

Mel and Jeff (BIL)

Then there was my friend Tonya, the life of the party then AND now, if you Internets think I am happy, you should meet Tonya!

Tonya, Mary, Mel

I hung out and caught up with Mary Nell A LOT. It was like not a day had went by!

Mel and Mary

Then, the highlight of my evening! Seeing my friend Joel. For those of you that know me, I have often mentioned my want of a gay man BF, well that would be because of Joel, who was my FIRST gay friend! I have tried (often) through the years to find him and I was REALLY happy to see him. And hello? Wow! Talk about hot! I told him he was LUCKY he was gay, because the single ladies of my class were looking him over like he was a giant tasty looking candy bar!

Mel and Joel

PS! Guess what he does now? He is a hair stylist and BODY WAXER! I told him he NEEDS to do a guest blog about waxing!

All in all it was a great night, I am so glad I came all the way to attend, and of course, it was wonderful to spend MORE time with Stacey, who is one of the greatest friends I have EVER had!

Mel and Stac

That’s all (for NOW!) Internets! Talk to you on Wednesday!


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