Then and Now


Then and Now Jul 25, ’07 11:02 PM
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So, I leave tomorrow morning. My fifteen year high school reunion is Saturday night. It doesn’t seem to be a well planned reunion, the only information I received was an e mail on the classmates website saying, We are meeting at _______ and are assuming people will start showing up around 5 or 6. Casual cash bar.

Ooooookay then. Maybe the reunion committee is bitter since they went all out for the 10 year reunion and I didn’t bother showing up? What? You don’t think so? Are you SURE it isn’t all about ME?

Well, anyway. I am kinda excited and kinda not. I am going to the reunion with Stac (Mrs. M), and today I called another friend I have stayed in touch since high school and I am SOOOOOO excited to see her too. But, everyone else? Hmmmm. I don’t know. I am having a few second thoughts, like, WHY exactly am I excited to see people I haven’t talked to in 15 years?

am curious to see how everyone has aged and if they have changed. I am hoping that A LOT of them DID change their personalities, because if they are the same as they were in high school it won’t be much fun. But, as for me? I think I am pretty much the same. I’m still a sarcastic, joking, easy-going person, and I am feeling fairly confident that I look WAY better than I did in high school. I am not sure if many people will recognize me though, since I am no longer rockin’ huge hair. I know you all know what I look like now, since I obsessively change my profile picture you have been lucky (or unlucky?) enough to see about seventy different angles of my face each and every week, but just for comparison’s sake. Here is a Then (1992) and a Now (2007) ~


I can’t get past that HOLY HUGE HEAD OF HAIR I had. Geeshat! Behold the wonders of a can of Aqua Net a week! (PS. I mean a can of Aqua Net a week THEN, not NOW.)

So my faithful Internets, this will be the last communication for a few days. *sigh* I will be back next Wednesday to catch up with all of you! Have a great weekend and don’t worry! I pinkie swear I will take eleventy-seven pictures every SINGLE day! Toodles!


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