Before and After


BEFORE! and now also AFTER!!! Jul 19, ’07 11:51 PM
for Mel ‘s contacts
 Soooooooo, in case anyone is wondering? A cooler does NOT make a good step for a 170 pound doggy. Last time I took her to the groomer I used a hay bale, but then? A kazillion red ants decided to move into that hay bale, so we doused it with gasoline and burned them into oblivion in a flaming explosion of fire! Mwahahahahaha! But then? I realized no more hay bale means no more steppy step bale for my big baby. But, all is well. Starr is a good doggy, so she got into the back of the truck with just a LITTLE help from her Mommy. We dropped her off at the grooming place where she was happily freaking out customers (OMG! It’s as BIG AS A HORSE!!!) and kissing the resident kitties and groomer ladies! You know what I love MOST about taking her places? Watching all the people coming out of stores, or exiting their vehicles SEE her, and then hurry back into where ever they were coming out of. She wouldn’t hurt a FLEA, but I don’t TELL anyone that. I kinda like watching all the expressions of fear and terror!

So, let’s review:




Isn’t she pretty?!?


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